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Why has feeding my almost 5 month old suddenly become so unpleasant?

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MoonUnitAlpha Thu 30-Dec-10 19:41:54

I used to really enjoy breastfeeding, but the last few days it's become a real chore. He bites/clamps hard, wriggles in my lap, pulls my hair, pinches me, pulls away still holding my nipple and is just generally difficult sad I'm starting to feel bad for cutting every feed short too.

What can I do about it though? I think he's too young to understand why I stop so surely there's no point trying to instill any manners or good behaviour. Anyone else experienced this?

nelliesmum Thu 30-Dec-10 19:52:02

Think he has just become interested in the world around him, if he's actually hurting you could try saying "No" very firmly and taking him off for a moment. Otherwise try feeding in a quiet, darkened room with as little to distract him as possible. I've an idea that this is just what happens though. My DD could get my nipple out to 4 inches long on a really good tug (and they've never recovered!).

PassionKiss Thu 30-Dec-10 19:55:46

I think DD went through a phase like that at around 5 months. I agree with nelliesmum, he's probably just becoming more aware of the world around him. DD is 8 months, has settled down now and is very easy to feed. I have to say though, I don't often feed her in public now as she gets very distracted, it's usually on our own at home.

MoonUnitAlpha Thu 30-Dec-10 20:17:01

Not sure I like the sound of this lasting til 8 months!

He's been quite distractable for a month of so - looking around and exposing my nips to all and sundry in public. This is almost more than he's bored/frustrated. He doesn't seem very bothered when I take him off, just wants to feed again within the hour.

My nipples are really quite sore now though, and I have scratches all over my chest.

PenguinArmy Fri 31-Dec-10 01:36:48

ah it happens to all of us. The shortened feeds, difficulty to feed in the day (impossible to feed in public when out and about). I've become quite proud of my scratched, they're like battle scars grin and I swear I can hardly feel when she does it now. I think once you've readjusted your expectations again you settle into it again. Once weaning starts you can distract him with finger food instead.

I have to say, I probably get sore nips once a month. Being a bit more careful and watching whilst she eats tends to fix it again.

If feeding out and about, I normally resort to the bathroom or the car (looking forward to our 12 hour flight coming up)

JackSawMamaKissingSantaClaus Fri 31-Dec-10 06:01:13


LovelyJuggly Fri 31-Dec-10 06:18:05

Massage your nipples and tug on them to give them extra strength.

Nibbling will also help to get you accustomed to the pain.

Unrulysanta Sat 01-Jan-11 22:28:50

Having the same issue with 7mo unbelievably bity and scratchy. Especially when night feeding. Having to hold one hand and clamp the other under an elbow otherwise I appear to be a really tasty sandwich she needs to dig her claws into and squash right up to get in her mouth.

MoonUnitAlpha Sat 01-Jan-11 22:33:38

Yes - his favourite thing at the moment is grabbing a couple of handfuls of boob and pinching/squeezing hard!

I did wonder if the biting is down to teething too.

HelenLG Sat 01-Jan-11 22:40:39

DS does this (nearly 6 months)...feeds for five seconds minutes and then rolls backward, nipple in mouth waving his arms in the air. Also scratches, pinches, slaps, punches and pulls hair.

I've started either holding his hand, or making a game of it by trying to catch his hand in my mouth. It makes him laugh, so not much good at getting him to feed more but makes me feel less bitter about it.

He's also started feeding more now, so is feeding 2 to 3 times a night and every coule of hours a day... it's either a growth spurt or just general disturbance to his routine during the holidays.

It is frustrating because no sooner have a put boob away then he's trying to get in my top again.

I just keep telling myself it's less frustrating than having made a bottle of formula and having to throw it away.

Am hoping something changes as he starts having more solid food but don't hold out much hope...

Sorry, I can't be more helpful, just hang in there...

HelenLG Sat 01-Jan-11 22:43:57

With the biting, DS seems to have stopped. I used to catch him getting ready to bit, his mouth goes stiff and he kind of sticks out his bottom jaw, then I'd take him off and say 'No biting'

He'd normally just roll around and laugh at me but he seems to have got the idea...

Saying that, I do have a bruise on the side of nipple from when he latch on to half nipple half boob, gave me what can only be described as a 'love-bite' and then bit me as if to say 'What?!! No milk!!!'

Unrulysanta Sun 02-Jan-11 20:53:34

Oh God yes - I have a very fond memory of a sleepy early morning when dd latched onto half a nipple <searches for appropriate emoticon and is left wanting>

GreenwichB Mon 03-Jan-11 23:30:02

God - I'm glad it's not just me, I'm totally fed up with it all. That lovely snuggly bf experience is long gone at 5.5 months. Some really nasty and painful pinches and scratches and just constant gymnastics while still attached. I can't wean her fast enough frankly. I was mixed feeding and as she's recently been ill with a cough and a cold, she's refusing the bottle which would be fine if a) I had sufficient supply and b) wasn't being pulled about like a pinata. The puree starts in a couple of weeks and onto 100% bottle asap!

organiccarrotcake Mon 03-Jan-11 23:38:25

PMSL going through the same thing! It does pass though otherwise none of us would go on to feed for 1,2,3 years+.

NinkyNonker Tue 04-Jan-11 11:12:13

Ditto here with nearly 5 mo old DD... bless her. hmm

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