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Does supply get less in the evenings???

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bgt Tue 14-Dec-10 17:29:43

My dh is 5 weeks old and has weight issues since birth, she lost up to 12% of her birth weight so we breast fed her and topped her up with expressed or breast milk. Last week she went up to birth weight so i have dropped the top ups. During the day she is fine but come after 6pm she is constantly feeding and getting fussy at the breast and frustrated. I think maybe my supply is low in the evening. I cant figure out whether she is hungry or if she has colic as she is crying from around 8pm - 12pm. She calms down when I put her on the breast but that could be because she is suckling which may help with the colic. I am having trouble telling the cue for hunger or pain....anyone help! I was evening thinking about giving her formula for her last feed.

tiktok Tue 14-Dec-10 18:10:19

bgt this is normal behaviour for a baby and does not indicate poor supply at all - probably the majority of babies need extra cuddles and comfort and holding in the evenings and for a breastfed baby their security and connection lies in the breastfeeding relationship - the fact she calms down when you put her to the breast shows this is the most likely explanation.

It's easier to go with the flow - just sit on the sofa, have your meal one-handed and don't fight it

No need to give formula - in a baby with a history of slow weight gain this would be quite a risk to your milk supply which you have worked hard to build up

A call to any of the bf helplines would give you more confidence that feeding is the right response, I think.

RuthChan Tue 14-Dec-10 18:12:55

The supply does tend to be less in the evening than in the morning when the breast has had all night to fill. However, you should still have enough for her in the evening too.
It is possible that she is fussing because she is getting less in the evening, but do not supplement if you can help it. Her extra sucking should stimulate you to produce extra milk. Demand stimulates supply so let her feed if she needs to. Supplementing at this stage could spoil that natural balance.

On the other hand it is possible that she is suffering from colic or other discomfort in the evening. Evening is a fussy time anyway and unless it really is colic, you are likely to find that she improves in a day or two.
I have no personal experience of colic, but 8-12 is a long time for a little one to cry.

Caz10 Tue 14-Dec-10 18:21:53

this is a good link from kellymom talking about fussy evenings/cluster feedings.

My dd used to do this too, and after a few despairing days I gave into it and started to really enjoy it! Lay on the sofa, watched about 8 seasons of ER, ate much chocolate even had the odd cheeky glass of wine, did a lot of MN-ing! The upside was that at 12, 1 o'clock she woud flake out till about 5am, which was the longest stretch of sleep I ever got!

Go with the flow! grin

PenguinArmy Tue 14-Dec-10 18:24:10

Perfectly normal behaviour. Our DD also had 4 or more hours of fussy behaviour. Doesn't last for too long though.

I had heard though it was flow that is down in the evenings and not supply. So just harder to get out. I don't however know personally how true it is, so hope someone can correct as needs be.

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