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good sling for bf?

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PaulineMole Fri 26-Nov-10 10:31:57

i posted in slings, but there's not much traffic there, so thought i'd pick brains over here.

we've got a wilkinet which is ace for out and about, but i would like something less cumbersome for around the house, ideally that i can bf a young baby in. am tall with small, high boobs if that is of any significance.

Sarahlou8 Fri 26-Nov-10 12:14:16

Hi, no advice yet but I've just bought a 'babasling' from ebay (it hasnt arrived yet. It looks really simple, easy to get on and off, is adjustable and gets really good reviews. (and is good for breastfeeding)

Have a look and see what you think!

PaulineMole Fri 26-Nov-10 12:20:38

thanks sarahlou - will have a look

coldcomfortHeart Fri 26-Nov-10 14:14:58

I've heard the jersey wrap slings (Kari me, moby, hug a bub) are good for bf in and very adjustable as they are basically a huge length of cloth you can tie in different ways.

There is a good cartoon in Kate Evan's 'The Food of Love' of how to bf in one of these slings.

I have an ergo which was a bit pants for newborn and bf (but amazingly good from about 4m onwards and I still use it now with 2yo DS!)but I have great plans/hopes for hands free sling bf for DC2...

blackcurrants Fri 26-Nov-10 14:31:55

I couldn't bf in a moby ( but then I have large, low breasts, so you might be just fine). I ended up buying a Maya Wrap ring sling and it's great for BFing in, and also my most easy to shove on sling. It compliments the moby and ergo perfectly, they all do different things and keep ds and us happy in different ways. Beware getting into slings! You can end up with 3 or 4 in your house and think that's perfectly normal! grin

PaulineMole Fri 26-Nov-10 15:21:33

thanks everyone smile. i've had a little google and am thinking perhaps the babasling or the maya might be a good bet. i'll see what's on ebay.

putthekettleon Fri 26-Nov-10 15:51:16

currently breastfeeding DD2 in my kari me sling so that gets a vote from me! I do it in the 'tummy to tummy' position rather than the cradle one, and it works for me - I also have small high(ish!) boobs grin

NinkyNonker Fri 26-Nov-10 20:29:45

I fancy something like this. I have a wrap which I have found a little difficult to BF in as she is too 'squidged' against me, if you see what I mean? I also have a Beco (which I LOVE) which is like and Ergo, I use this pretty much every day. I haven't tried BF in it to be honest, can't see how it would work as she likes the cradle hold. I have seen the Baba Sling in TK Maxx before, might have a look.

Wallace Fri 26-Nov-10 20:37:28

Posting quickly to read properly later - I have a wrap sling and been wondering how to bf in it!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Fri 26-Nov-10 21:29:51

I've just made a non stretchy wrap and have been wearing it tied like this and have fed in it a couple of times but other times not managed confused I am still getting the hang of it and slightly stretchy fabric is supposed to be better for bf so I think it is possible (DS is 9m)

I found this site really usefull and if you scroll down this page there are pics of ties for feeding in wraps...though no instructions...I think this is cause they are trying to flog you proper wraps with instructions rather than tell you how to make a gonzo one.

I made my wrap out if the cheep linign fabric at ikea which I will eventually one day dye. I have some lentils to finish weaving first though. The fabric cost £9ish and you only need half (half long ways though so you need to buy 6m but get 2 wraps out of it iyswim).It is so much more comfortable than the piece of crap I had before. smile

If any one has any tie info to offer I'd be greatfull!

curlyredhead Fri 26-Nov-10 21:52:41

I wouldn't recommend a babasling for bf - people who i know who have used them say they can be tricky to adjust well for small babies. My personal pick for bf is an unpadded ring sling like a Maya wrap lightly padded (only the shoulder is padded, not any of the fabric around the baby or in the tail). Other people I know like mei tais for bfing older babies (maybe 4mnths+).

Porcelain Fri 26-Nov-10 22:35:48

Ring slings are good for feeding as they adjust easily with baby on board, you can easily swing their legs around in a loosened sling to put them in a nice cradle hold. I have fed walking down the street with baby in a jersey wrap, however, lowering baby to the breast means carrying in a less than optimal position (their weight should be above your waist) and I always need to take him out to tighten/retie for a carry position after (he doesn't like a hammock position in a wrap, and complains about fabric over his head unless I sneak it there while he feeds).

These might help:

babybear5 Fri 26-Nov-10 22:42:10

i also would recommend the ring sling. I have breast fed and carried 3 babies in this and it is fab. I fed out and about and you wouldn't know. It is inexpensive and lasts into the toddler years. Well worth buying for a comfy breastfeed.

greenbananas Fri 26-Nov-10 23:52:55

Ring slings are great - easy to pop baby in and out of and also easy to feed in.

Wrap slings are more difficult to get on and off (I never got it down to less than a minute, which is a long time when your baby is crying). However, once tied correctly they are also great for feeding young babies in (my boobs are smallish and highish).

I have 5 slings - 2x wraps, 2x ring slings and 1x mei tai. If I could keep only one, it would be a ring sling.

PaulineMole Sat 27-Nov-10 09:40:44

this is all great info - thanks everyone.

MamaChris Sat 27-Nov-10 10:00:41

am reading this thread with interest. I have twins, and in the early days (up to 4 weeks) I could put dt2 in a kari me in up upright position, swing his bum to one side and feed him on the other side. then I could feed dt1 (not in the sling) from the other side. made for very discreet feeding when out (which is important to me).

now they are bigger, once I swing dt2's bum round, there is no room for dt1 to nestle in on the other side to be fed. has anyone spotted pics/instructions for bf twins using a sling? the thing with feeding two is that the rectangle of breast between my nipples is always exposed, and a sling nicely helped cover that up.

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