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Books for blokes

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Listlessbean Sat 06-Aug-11 16:33:24

The Foreskin's lament
A year of living biblically
A mouthful of rocks
Police, crime & 999

TJA Mon 13-Jun-11 17:12:52

Another one which comes highly recommended is Operation Mincemeat by Ben Macintyre -- a true spy story in which the British planted false documents on a dead body to to fool the Germans about plans to invade Sicily.

TJA Sun 21-Nov-10 22:57:13

If he's into adventure/travel stuff then Mission Mongolia -- Two, Men, One Van, No Turning Back by David Treanor will go down well. Two blokes with a love of beer on a charity road trip -- it's funny, but as well as that it gives you a real insight into the places they pass through and the sometimes shocking events which have happened there.

ExpatGossipGirl Thu 18-Nov-10 13:42:58

I figure its still worth posting to this thread - my husband recommends:
Carl Hiaasen
Tom Robbins
Louis de Bernieres
Tim Winton
Wilbur Smith

That should help you out when buying for men!

frostyfingers Wed 17-Nov-10 16:35:57

Don't know if it appeals, but I bought mny DH who isn't a great reader the boxed set of the original James Bond books. He loved them and has gone through them twice now.

MidnightsChild Tue 21-Sep-10 11:10:30

If your DB is well-read, I wouldn't recommend any of the recent Tom Clancy offerings. His earlier work (war game inspired thrillers) was good, now his ego has gotten out of control and its lazily-written, self-indulgent tripe ... IMHO of course (but an opinion shared by my ex).

LizHF Wed 15-Sep-10 11:43:02

Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy are certainly popular choices in my house. I tried reading one once but I just couldn't get into it... Went straight over my head. One book for men that I really love is the Great Gatsby. Fantastic book!


Jaybird37 Sun 09-May-10 12:14:24

Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson - mammoth historical novel which is packed full of ideas about science and policitcs.

Winter's Bone by Daniel Woodrell - fantastic book set in the Ozarks about a young girl left to care for her family.

Bel Canto - Ann Patchett love and lust amongst hostages in South America

The Siege - Helen Dunmore

The Cap, or the Price of a Life - Roman Frister
A searingly honest account of a Holocaust survivor. Beautifully written and a clear-eyed look at moral contingencies.

choosyfloosy Fri 30-Apr-10 00:55:49

French Revolutions by Tim Moore. Knickerwettingly funny although a few years old now so he may have read it. Tim Moore's other books not so good IMO.

I liked Buddha Da and so did DH although possibly it is slightly a woman's idea of the sort of book she would like a man she knows to like IYSWIM.

Abortion Fri 30-Apr-10 00:27:52

Jane Eyre

Snorbs Sun 18-Apr-10 11:05:25

(Damn, hit Post too quickly)

Stuart Maconie's "Cider With Roadies" is also well worth a read. Your DB may also like "These Are the Days That Must Happen To You" by Dan Walsh. It's the (true) story of a motorcycle rider who travels north to south across South America among other places - it's like "A Long Way Round" without the smarminess and landrovers, but with extra honesty, bad behaviour and writing style.

Snorbs Sun 18-Apr-10 11:01:51

[Declaration of interest - I'm a bloke]

I found Mil Millington's new book "How To Live Someone Else's Life" laugh-out loud funny.

Pagasvlei Sun 18-Apr-10 10:58:29

What sort of bloke? that's the problem.
I suggest you try anything by Lee Child. Although vaugely sequential you can buy whichever one is on the shelf.
Jack Reacher is a marvelous character who finds trouble wherever he goes across America.You will never outguess him, just let him take you over for a day and enjoy.
When your bloke is finished, make sure you grab it for yourself!

TillyBookClub Tue 23-Feb-10 11:59:30

Has he already read The Leopard by an Italian called Lampedusa? It is a classic, my husband nicked my copy and couldn't give it back. All set in 19th century Sicily and one of the best books I've read in years.

MaggieMirabelle Tue 23-Feb-10 08:07:42

jonathan tropper is good imo, and the protagonist of both his books is about 32

MaryBS Tue 23-Feb-10 08:02:24


David Baldacci - Last Man Standing is v. good
Clive Cussler
Michael Crichton
Tom Clancy

facesquirter Mon 22-Feb-10 20:11:59

I want to chose a book for my brother's birthday next week, and am feeling uninspired. He's 33, well travelled, well read and has a wide range of literary tastes from Karin Slaughter books through to The Kite Runner, The Color Purple etc....What books have your blokes loved?

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