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Scaac Sat 03-Aug-19 18:16:11

Need advice on what to do with a man who I've caught jizz handed watching porn and is now paying to watch it off a website and apparently on a dating/social site. Never home and stays at his mates most weekends. Got kids together and we are about to move into our first house. Should I leave him or stay!? Hard after 4 years and he fathered all my kids and delivered one! What shall I do? Please advise! Also why can't he be happy with me am I that disgusting at a size 10 after kids?!

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Sofia2 Sun 04-Aug-19 17:43:12

Are you serious?

Scaac Sun 04-Aug-19 18:44:09

Yeah just hard when you genuinely love that person especially after 4 kids together. Tells me that he loves me and I make him happy but then why do that I don't understand.

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FlamedToACrisp Sun 04-Aug-19 21:06:01

I think you should probably stay. Watching porn is no big deal and doesn't mean you aren't enough for him. Are you often too tired for sex or is your sex life still lively and inventive?

Joining a dating/social site - that's the big problem imho. Demand to know why he joined and what he hopes to get out of it. Has he tried contacting anyone from the site?

Scaac Sun 04-Aug-19 21:16:17

Not from what I've seen he has a lock on his phone so I wouldn't know. I've asked and he said he wasn't on one and that I shouldn't be worried. If I ask to look at his phone he looks at me as I'm completely nuts. I'd happily have sex with him but it knocks your confidence if your awake in another room and he does that instead thats the issue. Why watch that if he can be with me.

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FlamedToACrisp Mon 05-Aug-19 19:34:00

Just reread your OP and realised he stays "at his mates" most weekends. This doesn't sound good. You're in the wrong topic (Blogging) so why not repost in AIBU to get more opinions.

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