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How are the kids going to feel?

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wigglepig Sun 06-Jan-19 17:22:01

Speaking to a few friends recently and they have all started to remove or not use pictures of their kids on their social media anymore.
They don't want backlash from said child and have decided to keep their life private from there's.
It really got me thinking how are mummy bloggers / insta mums children going to feel in said future? Do you think we should respect that our children are people in their own right and may not want a picture of them taking their first shat on the toilet turned into a social media storm?
Something that really made me think was celebrities these days are hiding their children where as tom from down the road posts a picture of his sons full day every day.
Do you think there will be a surge in parent teen breakdowns over this? Are these kids safe from ridicule when they are older from peers? What about if someone claims to know their parents when they are old enough and are groomed. So many questions it really got me thinking do you constantly post pics of your kids?

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