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One year old 'influencer' Ralphie

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GimbleInTheWabe Mon 03-Dec-18 20:08:18


Just read the above whilst putting my own old year old to bed and I just don't know where I sit with it. This mum admits she spends hours on her phone honing her sons 'brand' and styling photoshoots, therefore is not spending that time enriching her sons life with things that one year olds want to do (which if my son is anything to go by, sitting still having his photo taken isn't one of them!)

She certainly doesn't deserve to receive hate messages and the like but her strange threat that "people should think carefully before commenting as suicide happens because of online trolls" just seems a bit like blackmail.

Vetting photos that relatives can or cannot put up it totally fucking nuts though. And something about the name Ralphie gives me the creeps.

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