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Desperately want to start a blog!

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H0lli3p0p Thu 09-Aug-18 16:46:09

I really want to start a blog. I have no idea where to start. I've always loved writing since I was young, any help tips would be so so so appreciated!

Goostacean Tue 21-Aug-18 13:25:58

Have you looked at Wordpress, @H0lli3p0p? That's what I've used, and there's lots of help on Google, for formatting and writing advice too.

I'm about to start a blog; I've figured out my niche but there is literally one other blog in the world (that I've found!) on the same topic and it seems quite comprehensive, so I'm trying to work out my "angle" so that I'm writing something new.

Do you have a topic in mind?

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