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Play areas nightmares, I never see this kind of parent.

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Pooppants Sun 16-Apr-17 18:40:37

Went to the farm today, they have a sandpit area, one kid was terrorising other kids ,not let them play with the bucket and some toys, put sand on the slides and waving a shovel! I got up and clean the sand of the slide and told him not to do that( mother was calling little brat by his annoying name and never got up To actually tell him off) after he did took toys out of my kids , I went to tell him if he could share as he was wondering off and kids could play together, mother got up( did know she could ) And told me that was his toys he got from the car and he doesn't need to share ! IABU? I always teach my kids if we go to a public place we share no matter if we bring a toy or if they have a toy at play area! She went muttering and back to her sit u can play and don't need to share! Like oh my good, I never see this kind of parent in real life!

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