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Peter and Jane - I like her style

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Oblomov16 Thu 01-Dec-16 03:33:32

I'm sure there's been many threads on this before.
But she pops up on my FB quite a lot.
And I just really like her, like her style of writing.
I can associate with what she says a lot.
Not a real fan of blogging generally. But, she's good.

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ChippyDucks Thu 01-Dec-16 04:52:46

I like her too, also Part Time Working mummy. Similar type of blog, and I'm not typically a blog fan.

HouseOfMouse Fri 20-Jan-17 01:01:45

I really like her too. Not twee, which is sometimes a feature of the mummy bloggers. Plus she sometimes covers serious topics too. She did an amazing post on PND, I shared the hell out of it.

Ponderingprivately Fri 20-Jan-17 01:10:45

I read one this morning, it cracked me up. She is funny and spot on about many aspects of parenting

Octopus37 Tue 24-Jan-17 14:11:45

I read one of the posts yesterday, it was fab.

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