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Radiation question - any radiologists out there?!

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confused70 Tue 26-Jul-16 16:16:20

OK, so I am pregnant and went to pick up something I had bought online. I went with my two young children. When I arrived the wife answered the door and asked me in. I went in and noticed a man sat a couple of metres away from us. When the wife came back she said her husband was very ill and was recovering and wasn't able to come too close because of a special scan. She gave my son who was crying a cuddle, shook my hand and then we left. I didn't think anything of it really until I was in the car (after being there about 10 minutes). Then it occurred to me that the husband might have had a radioisotope and had been radioactive. Clearly if I had known that at the start I wouldn't have gone. My questions are: (I) how much of an exposure would 10 minutes be about 2 metres away (ii) would that have any effect on the baby or my children and (iii) could the wife (who was clearly caring for her husband) have been giving off radiation as well from being around her husband and his contaminated belongings? Since then I am starting to look at every stranger I get close to and thinking whether they are radioactive too! I was thinking of getting a Geiger counter to allay my fears during my pregnancy but am worried that these may be dangerous to use when pregnant too! Please can anyone help with some informed advice? Thanks x

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confused70 Thu 28-Jul-16 11:52:02


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