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Anonymous facebook page for blog / anonymous blogging generally

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AristotlesTrousers Thu 16-Jun-16 06:43:50

Not sure if this is the busiest place to post this, but I started a blog about my writing a couple of weeks ago and I'm not sure how to promote it very well.

I've joined rejoined Twitter (under a pen name), but I've never really got Twitter and prefer Facebook. I'll keep up with the Twitter, but I don't know what to tweet/retweet, so it'll be a learning curve (have only got 44 followers do far).

Trouble is, I'm blogging anonymously, because the memoir I've written (currently subbing to agents) and a lot of the blog content is about my battle with alcoholism.

My parents don't approve of my writing in the first place and DP has asked me to think of the kids' anonymity and my future employers, and blog anonymously. So that's what I'm doing.

My question is: how on earth am I supposed to promote my blog this way? Surely a lot of my potential followers would be people who already know me. I'm trying (and failing) to 'meet' more bloggers, but it seems an impossible task.

Anyway, I was thinking of creating a Facebook page for my blog and inviting select friends to view/like it. Is it possible to do this anonymously? How? I'm worried of even starting to set up the page in case it shows up on DDad's timeline.

I don't mind the page showing up publicly, just so long as it isn't connected to my real name in any way (and I don't want it showing up in 'pages I've liked' either).

Does anybody have any good tips for creating an anonymous facebook page, or anonymous blogging generally?

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