Dinner Party Disasters! Spill!

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IAmBumblebee Tue 07-Apr-15 16:24:20

Okay so a good friend of ours has invited DH and I to a dinner party. We love the hosts - they are wonderful friends - but now I'm fretting... I seem to have a terrible track record of dinner parties.

Whether I'm hosting or 'guesting' they have always been a TOTAL disaster - the time a Shepherd's pie was served to what turned out to be a majority of vegan/ vegetarian guests, the time the hosting couple had an almighty row and spent the entire evening quarreling and spitting blood at each other, the time we were served a curry that so damn hot it was inedible, no matter how much water we sipped between bites... I could go on...

I have heard some cracking Dinner Disaster stories from my sister and some friends.... which got me thinking - what are YOUR Dinner Party Disasters? wine

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IAmBumblebee Tue 07-Apr-15 23:26:32


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