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I am looking for bloggers to review my super healthy green tea please.

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Zenfrog Tue 18-Nov-14 11:11:48

Hi Bloggers and Mums, You may have seen me on Come Dine w Me. My name is Natalie Dixon and I am looking for bloggers and Mums to review my Matcha Green Tea which has been proven in studies to have a massive health benefits including weight loss, promoting focus and calm via L-theanine and giving long lasting energy. It is far superior to brewed green tea and is fully organic certified in the EU and US. It is great for cooking and smoothies. Just after CDWM went to air I had a massive accident on a building site and nearly lost my leg. I did lose my Oak building company and the court case is on going and very nearly the roof over our heads. I wanted a total change. I was seriously depressed and utterly scared for me and my daughter and how I would provide. It makes me teary even writing about this. I have sourced and manufactured this new product as I wanted to get out of construction and into something that would benefit both me and the greater community.

I would love to hear from Mums and bloggers who would be interested in my Matcha-Me! tea and review it or if you wanted to write about my story. It's been a massive journey and now my product is soon to launch in the UK.
Please by all means contact me here and I will respond to everyone.
Thanks in advance x

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