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Silent reflux in 4 month old

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Jessica4414 Tue 29-Jul-14 08:16:44

Hi All,

I have a problem which I need some advise on. We've just discovered our 4 and a half month old has silent reflux and our doctor has prescribed infant gaviscon to try for a week to see if it works. I am breast feeding (but he will also take a bottle of expressed milk if needed) and we have just started the weaning process as he's a big boy and has more than doubled his birth weight. At the moment he only takes 3 ice cubes of fruit puree mixed with water a day. My problem is that he won't take the gaviscon mixed with water as they advise for BF babies. He took it fine from the bottle when I expressed and mixed it together but as they advise for bottle feeding to mix 1 sachet per 4oz, as he's on a double sachet, this would mean expressing 8oz, which he wouldn't drink all of anyway. Also I'm reluctant to give him 4 feeds a day from a bottle because it may disrupt his BFing. Also he won't take anything from a syringe. He clamps his mouth shut and spits it straight out anyway. Has anyone had a similar anyone have any advise of other ways it can be given.

lemonfolly Tue 29-Jul-14 08:21:51

Would it take it from the syringe if mixed with expressed milk or formula? Or have you tried that? I have had two babies with reflux so know your pain in administering it

stargirl1701 Tue 29-Jul-14 08:22:57

Yes grin Go back to the GP and say it isn't working for you. Ask if you can try Ranitidine instead. Much easier to administer and it actually works.

IME, infant Gaviscon doesn't work, causes constipation and is a PITA.

You will get more advice if you report your own post to MN and ask them to move it from Bloggers Chat to Breast & Bottle feeding.

westcountrywoman Tue 29-Jul-14 09:00:08

Both my BF babies were prescribed Gaviscon. It is a pain to give, did nothing for reflux / sickness and did scary things to their poo. I decided it was causing them more distress than the reflux itself so stopped it.

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