Requesting extended maternity leave and reduced hours

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Lauraw2811 Tue 10-Jun-14 10:52:10

Wondering if anyone can help me with regards to extending my maternity leave and requesting reduced hours.
I've currently been on leave for 6 months and after me and my partner discussed income, we've decided we can afford for me to take the full years maternity entitlement.
I'd also like to return to work on reduced hours (ideally going from 5 days a week to 3).
I know I have to request these changes in writing, but should I put both requests in the same letter? Should I ring and speak to my 'maternity mentor' in HR first?
Anyone experienced this? All advice welcome.

Laura x

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ilovepowerhoop Tue 10-Jun-14 19:17:52

have you told them you are going back after 6 months? as if you have not given them that in writing then they have to assume you are taking the full year off and you would only write to let them know if you were going back before the 12 months were up.

If you have already told them you are going back early then you normally need to give 8 weeks notice to change that return date.

Re: the reduced hours, you would probably have to fill in a formal request for that so it would be separate from the letter giving your return date.

ilovepowerhoop Tue 10-Jun-14 19:21:55 - gives info on applying for flexible working

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