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alexisebp Mon 10-Mar-14 07:29:24

Didn't see a thread for this week yet, so starting one...
Here's my latest- why are childbirth and motherhood always portrayed via the same old cliches in sitcom? Is change possible?

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BoyBandMumager1 Mon 10-Mar-14 08:20:40

Plato said boys are more unmanageable than beasts... I beg to differ:

Amodmillymum Mon 10-Mar-14 10:29:09 Writing with a smile on my face. #Lovinglife #blog #ModernMilitaryMother #sunshine #cake #mudfights #militarylife

AhCmonSeriouslyNow Mon 10-Mar-14 17:49:59

Spring may have sprung in the UK but we're still a bit snowy here in Toronto so we had a winter tea party

Woshy Mon 10-Mar-14 20:50:55

I'm new here so just finding my way around. I hope I'm doing this right. Happy to be along smile

Here's my latest blog post - a charity shop challenge. Finding something to add to my wardrobe in the local charity shops.

Looking forward to reading all the blog posts. I can't get enough of other people's blogs!

Woshy Mon 10-Mar-14 21:02:05

Charity Shop Challenge

Trying to get the link right, was a bit enthusiastic there smile

mummy2monkeys Mon 10-Mar-14 21:54:53

emmaMBC Tue 11-Mar-14 21:50:23

An interview with Shirley Hughes OBE and her delightful daughter!

Shirley Hughes Interview

Dudess Tue 11-Mar-14 21:55:48

Hello all, here's my latest post on:

Sunnies - the style staple for any Mum-on-the-go. (So, any Mum, then.)


Happy reading (and Happy Wednesday)

StephanieDA Wed 12-Mar-14 19:07:14

Babies are born with innate empathy, it's not an add-on!

mummy2monkeys Thu 13-Mar-14 09:46:05

Do you enter competitions? Have you ever won anything?

mummy2monkeys Thu 13-Mar-14 09:47:20

Do you enter competitions? Have you ever won anything?

LittleMissDisorganized Thu 13-Mar-14 09:53:17

Wow, such a variety of different things.

A year ago, I said goodbye to my daughter at the age of 6, who was adopted. This is a bit of a tumble of words, but is this where I'm at now:

ParsleyTheLioness Thu 13-Mar-14 11:22:53

The day I went away for a weekend and left my make-up bag at home

sallyjenkins Thu 13-Mar-14 12:31:49

Recently I became Disney Winnie the Pooh Laureate for the Midlands -
here I have a brush with the celebrity culture

Listeningtotears Thu 13-Mar-14 18:09:18

hello, I'm new here. Here's my most recent blog about what I did when my daughter started yelling ''stop'' every time I tried to have a conversation! Stop I need connection!

CharCharGabor Thu 13-Mar-14 20:16:53

Here's my most recent post, which gives you an insight into the inner workings of a small toddler.

A Week In The Life Of A One Year Old

Shrinkgrowskids Fri 14-Mar-14 10:59:59

Fun ways to test your child's development. Caution: may involve eating cake.

Badgerwife Fri 14-Mar-14 14:08:22

I think about the differences between English and French women when it comes to strangers and compliments

topsmrp Fri 14-Mar-14 15:00:44 How to choose your Nan's Mafia name. A fun post

Woshy Sat 15-Mar-14 16:21:18

Last night we attempted the controversial crying it you

Crying It Out

gardeningmum Sun 16-Mar-14 07:48:08

A little bit of the countryside in London

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