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New blog posts for week beginning 1st March

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sallyjenkins Sun 02-Mar-14 20:45:22

Anyone out there interested in self-publishing via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing? Perhaps a collection of blog posts?
Kindle Direct Publishing for Absolute Beginners will show you how

reluctantsuburbanmum Mon 03-Mar-14 18:24:17

Lessons from Edinburgh
After my 11-year-old daughter wrote ‘Manchester is the capital of Scotland’, I decided a little geography lesson was in order. Just the two of us, for full-on north of the border, half-term fun. I thought she might learn something – not least that the capital of Scotland begins with ‘E’, not ‘M’. But here’s what I learnt:

gardeningmum Mon 03-Mar-14 19:07:03

Have a look a what you can sow and grow this month

AllergyMums Tue 04-Mar-14 10:59:57

How can anyone have 'maybe' on their allergens list? Esp McDonalds? Surely consistency is what they do?
Arggghhhhhh - here's a link to my article

BoyBandMumager1 Tue 04-Mar-14 12:29:18

Here's my lighthearted take on raising 4 young boys:

emmaMBC Tue 04-Mar-14 14:24:37

As part of The Blue Peter Book Awards, I've got a fab, freebie cartoon for everyone to download right here;

takingparentsseriously Tue 04-Mar-14 16:32:05

Here's my new blog today:

The Limbo of the Young School Leavers

"Most schools do not want these youngsters and they are often viewed as a nuisance... Some schools would have an imaginary class where the Xmas leavers would be marked ‘in attendance’ but in fact never attended because there was no class for them. This looked impressive on the school’s truancy rates."

1andonlyTwinsplustwo Tue 04-Mar-14 19:25:12

Apparnetly it's "Daughter's week"?

1andonlyTwinsplustwo Tue 04-Mar-14 19:34:14

I can spell, honest!
Have commented on those above me smile

Nanniejo Wed 05-Mar-14 10:50:11

Hello - on a lovely sunny day!
What To Cook For Supper? 10 Tips To Make Life Easier!

borninastorm Wed 05-Mar-14 12:50:33

To be honest with you I wasn’t looking forward to seeing a band who rap. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not being stereotypical misogynistic, show off swag fuckery, violence inciting rappers.

My open letter to the band members of Twenty One Pilots who teengirl dragged me to see recently.

mummy2monkeys Wed 05-Mar-14 12:53:20

Must have for little dribblers smile

CharCharGabor Wed 05-Mar-14 21:20:53

Here's my new one - what I would do for my kids, inspired by Meat Loaf.

I Would Do Anything For Love...

BoyBandMumager1 Thu 06-Mar-14 02:53:48

Bye bye sports car! Hello, MPV! Here are my top tips for upsizing your car as your family grows...

forgetdieting Thu 06-Mar-14 13:55:14

Dieting is not always easy - and this blog was how to make it easier while losing weight.

fionathepink Thu 06-Mar-14 20:22:38

Felt this needed support. Wasabi refused to serve my pregnant friend sushi today:

Amodmillymum Fri 07-Mar-14 12:58:17

If you are thinking about self publishing then check out this blog post on Authoright

Amodmillymum Fri 07-Mar-14 13:00:38

Massive debate on manners and etiquette at Bulford Army base where my husband is based as General bans sandwiches in officer's mess as eating with hands in barbaric and expects a two page handwritten thank note from 'the wife' not allowed to include thank in the first line after dinner party:

rlawrance Fri 07-Mar-14 21:58:43

OK so I'm going for it, I will spurn tiredness and the urge to open the wine bottle in the evenings and pursue my dream...

Shrinkgrowskids Sat 08-Mar-14 09:28:17

It's international women's day! Unfortunately, I am not in a celebratory mood after the most depressing women's event at work that I went to recently. One senior woman without children said she could understand the difficulties I had juggling work and parenting because she struggled with finding time to go to gym! See the whole depressing post at:

ExpressionConfession Sat 08-Mar-14 22:24:11

Being three and being curious - the many questions my three year old is asking at the moment! Erm- anyone? - where does the cold come from?

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