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how do i Melting Boiled Sweets and making fondant tinkerbell and her sister

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Ladyjusophia Tue 25-Feb-14 18:52:07

hiya sorry to bother everyone i was wondering does anyone know how to melt boild sweets? im a bit of a novice at cake decorating but can bake. My neices have asked for me to make them cakes now one wants tinkerbell and her sister and my older neices wants a simple cake with edible diamond but the amount needed to decorate her cake would cost a bomb to buy in shop i know can melt hard boild sweets but im not sure how (would like to be able to melt them down in a jug so can pour into the diamond mould i have). as for the tinkerbell and her sister i have a 3d woman mould but not sure how to go about decorating it and putting wings and hair on them..... can anyone help ive tryied searching google and youtube but i cant seem to find what i need to show me what i want to do

Thank you for your time and reading this smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 26-Feb-14 13:33:29

Have you tried the baking section? You may get a few more replies smile

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