Am I pregnant?

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Jodles12 Tue 07-Jan-14 19:37:52

Hi! This is my first blog, so im sorry if its a little wordy!
I have been taking the pill continuously for about 3 months now because my doctor thinks i may have endomitriosis and this is to try and stop the pains i have been getting during sex so because ive been a little unorganised I dont know when my next period would be..
Yesterday I got a small amount of bleeding and period like pains which has carried on into today.. I also got period pains by no period about 2 days after Christmas along with swollen and sore breasts (which are no longer swollen or sore). I have also had more wind than usual and i feel like ive been needing to pee more along with a headache.
I have done a test and its come back negative but i know that you cant always rely on this and because i dont know when my next period would be i dont know when would be the right time to take a test.
Because my boyfriend and I kinda hoped i was pregnant, i feel i may just be making myself have these extra symptoms after having the bleeding and sore breasts.
Can i have someones opinion on this? As I am a little confused!
Thank you x

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Leafmould Fri 10-Jan-14 23:04:57

Hello jodles. I think that what you are asking is not a blog. It is a thread, and you would get some replies if you posted it in the conception section of talk. Good luck.

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