My son is in with bad company in his new school

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savanahstar Sun 15-Dec-13 14:51:37

New to this. Apologies if it's in the wrong place sad

My son (Year 7) has had a chequered schooling, until now all in the private sector. The last 3 years boarding. He is not good socially and makes bad choices in terms of friendships. He is now at Hampton Academy and associatiing with a very bad group. I'm new to the area and also the state sector. I'm on my own, but now at my wits end with the trouble he is in. Academically he is bright. We are moving again shortly and I could move to the area that would get him into a better school. Can anyone please advise me where he would be best placed. He needs support socially, academically his is fine. I am now at my wits end, as each day brings terrible problems. If I don't get him away soon, I truly think he will be in serious trouble with the police.

All school suggestions much appreciated.

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