Shared Residency Order and move

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fcknits Fri 02-Aug-13 23:40:45

If your ex is a committed father and you have an amicable relationship (even just for the sake of your son) then I'd suggest you discuss it with your ex. Wanting to move isn't the same as needing to move. However, anything that results in a net benefit to your son will probably be favourably considered by his dad... Whether that extends to a 180 minute round trip commute to visit him is another matter. Will a better school be of more benefit to your son than (potentially) restricted access to his father? Etc, etc.

Just some things to think about. GL x

Rockchick1984 Thu 01-Aug-13 14:30:22

Generally you would keep to the 60-40 split you currently have however it would be your responsibility to get your son to and from visits with your ex as you have chosen to move away.

yummymummybummy Thu 01-Aug-13 12:37:56

Hi i am looking to move city with my 8 year old - but me and my ex partner and i have shared residency order - contact is share 40% to him and 60% to me
my Ex's family home is Leicester and he rents in Birmingham to fulfill that contact and also travels back and fort on occasions - obviously he is committed
Now due to work and better living and upbringing for my son for better schools - I want to move out B'ham (as most will agree) to outskirts london - which would be 1hr 30mins from Leicester

But i dnt know how all this will reflect the current SRO
Will my son have to live with Ex if i choose to move?

Any advise?

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