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No Spanx to Shapely Swimwear for Middle Age Spread

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TheNewson Tue 21-May-13 20:36:01

Kelly Brook's new swimwear collection would do little for a dimpled, dumpy, middle-aged mother with a c-section overhang and a labyrinth of stretch marks.

Finding a ‘miracle’ swimsuit that's both flattering and stylish, makes me feel like a beached whale.

Some may promise to conceal a problem stomach, cover the cellulite, or uplift the bust; but there’s not one fashionable all rounder that leaves you looking and feeling fit for purpose.

What if you’re blighted by all of those middle-age, post baby body traumas?

A built in girdle and panelling are useless when your breasts are in conflict over their destinations.

TheNewson Tue 21-May-13 20:46:18

Apologies guys, I know that this should go in the post for new blogs, but in my haste I posted in the wrong place - sorry!

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