Happy Birthday MN Bloggers Network

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MmeLindor. Wed 04-Jul-12 13:40:03

Thanks for giving us this space to waste even more time that we should be using to do something else like housework, or talking to our husbands.

My hoover thanks you. My husband might not...

An Ode To Mumsnet Blogger Team

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DillyTante Wed 04-Jul-12 19:07:00

Yeah, thanks from me too. It was the mnblog network that inspired me to start my blog.

Stitchthis Wed 04-Jul-12 21:07:43

Oh go on then.....THankyou for all the RTs, the funny comments, the support and showcases...and for all the help I've received from MN over the years...<blows nose, opens box of chocolates and raises glass> marvellous marvellous Mumsnet

MmeLindor. Wed 04-Jul-12 23:41:02

<opens more champagne>

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Stitchthis Thu 05-Jul-12 23:18:56

<gratefully accepts another magnum>

FFYC Fri 06-Jul-12 00:09:17

I've just joined the network and wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

ElenMumsnetBloggers (MNHQ) Mon 16-Jul-12 17:48:30

Aww, thanks all! We hope you enjoyed Blog Week and found Mumsnet bloggers' stories interesting.

And while we're at it, here's a vair naice post from Dilly about the power of meeting Mumsnetters sharing online.

QueenMaeve Tue 17-Jul-12 17:18:48

Are we having a party? Yes Happy birthday, think I started around the same the as you Dilly.

DillyTante Fri 20-Jul-12 07:27:19

Ooh thanks Elen for the link there smile

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