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New blog..

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DistinctSingleParent Sun 04-Sep-11 20:23:00

Hi, I hope you're enjoying my blog if you've had a chance to check it out yet, and if you haven't please pop by

I'm 27, I have two kids under 2 with the same babyfather, who isn't currently around. My life is pretty comical, even though it doesn't always feel very funny, and I'm a bit of a mix in terms of my background, which you will get to know if you keep updated with my blogs..

I just wanted to ask if there was anything that people would like me to blog about. I'm always giving friends advice about potty training/sleeping through/weaning/tantrums etc. I don't always get it right, but i have got a few tried and tested methods that have worked for me and my friends. Please give me a shout on the blog site if you'd like me to address something and I can dedicate a blog to it.

Hope to see you there soon :D xx

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