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ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 20:19:29

Hi! Yep,just found out on Sunday i am pg with my 2nd.
Ecstatic,nervous,happy,anxious,such a load of emotions!
Also feeling like i could fall asleep at any given moment,feel like my head is spinning and feel quite short of breath,apart from that i am so so so pleased!

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ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 20:22:53


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pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 20:24:22

YEY congratulations! There is a Nov thread up and running...I will try to link you to it, they will be happy to welcome you with open arms!

I am also due in Nov, but have yet to say Hi to them as it is so early I am a bit nervous but I really should pop over there myself. I am 5 weeks, my second baby too. Good luck.

Cies Tue 17-Mar-09 20:24:32


Come and join us over here - there are lots of us!

pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 20:27:58

Ah there, Cies beat me to it!

ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 20:29:14

Thanks ladies! Congrats to you both as well,excited?

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pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 20:33:47

Yes, very happy! Thankfully the sickness has passed and wont return...! How old is your other LO?

ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 20:35:46

He is 3 in June.Had an excellent pg with him,but the most awful traumatic birth,ouch!
Thats one of the reasons im so nervous.
How about you?

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pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 20:52:52

Almost the same age as DD, she is 3 in July! Well, pg was ok apart from sickness throughout, and DD did not grow at the end, 5lb baby. I had fine birth but a small op after. I am most worried about a small baby, but DD was healthy at least.

ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 20:58:01

As long as babes is healthy small is not so bad.How has your pg been this time round?

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pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 20:59:14

pg so far - I knew I was pg as I was chucking up and feeling very very sick before AF even due! Luckily that is calmer, but very tired. And Hungry. All the time!

pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 21:01:34

The smallness itself is not the worry. I think it is that the reason she appeared to stop growing at around 32-34 weeks was never found, although my placenta was weak after the birth (hence the op to remove it) - scans showed it working fine before she was born. I guess it is just a concern that it is something potentially serious that I won't be able to control.

ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 21:01:57

Bloody starving too! had tuna pasta,a big bowl by the way for lunch,an hour later i was hungry again so had a bowl of mushroom rice,then i was hungry again but didnt give in to it!
i just want loads of carbs!

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pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 21:05:58

I had 2 slices of toast and cornflakes - not usually a brekky eater, then for lunch large bowl of pasta (enough for 2), then a sarnie, then large bowl of chicken curry and rice and naan, and some biccies!

ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 21:07:54

ok,i understand now.
I will keep my fingers crossed for you hun,and hope that all works out fine for you.
It is a really happy but also really sstressful time too.
Have you told people yet or are you waiting for the 12 week marker?

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ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 21:09:17

Yum,i reaaly fancy a chicken curry now!
My weakness is melted chocolate poured opver ice cream...

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pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 21:13:19

I have told too many people on MN!!!! and a couple of family members. No-one else yet, want to wait until 12 wks but not sure I can!!! I am not tooo concerned about the weight thing, not yet, its the only worry there is, to be honest it is such a long way away yet!

ahappymummy Tue 17-Mar-09 21:14:45

Well i wish it all goes smoothly for you and lets keep eachother posted on how we are doing!

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pavlovthecat Tue 17-Mar-09 21:26:36

I will pop over to the other thread at some point and hopefully will see you there..!

mynameis Mon 23-Mar-09 11:32:40

Just got a BFP today, making me due on Dec 1st. This will be my fourth baby so currently pleased and nervous all at the same time.

Chocolatepenny Mon 23-Mar-09 15:50:00

Just found out I'm Due 4th december! am I the earliest ante natal clubber ???? will be my second VERY NERVOUS! and a little bit excited.

mynameis Tue 24-Mar-09 09:25:29

Hi Chocolatepenny my due date should be Dec 1st perhaps we should start a December antenatal thread, although I'm a bit apprehensive as so early days.

Got to make doctors appointment but don't want to be weighed as I know that they will start making BMI comments sad

Congratulations btw grin

ahappymummy Wed 25-Mar-09 17:45:19

Congrats chocolate and myname! Well done ladies.
I have the same issue with the BMI thing but hey,we have gorgeous cute babies to look forward to so im just trying to concentate on that.wink

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mynameis Thu 26-Mar-09 10:30:45

Thanks ahappymummy congrats to you too.

Well not much we can do about the BMI now so I will just nod wisely when the doctor gives me his lecture tomorrow. grin

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