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May 2020 - where we get our 12 wks scan and wave goodbye to 1st trimester. hello 2nd trimester

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AmIseeingRight Thu 03-Oct-19 20:26:08

@mintbear I haven't posted on FB yet. I find the whole thing too busy there are over 100 people. With DC1 my FB was smaller and I've still kept in touch with some of the ladies.

Tbh, I don't see much point of the FB this early. Hopefully with time it will get into a nice flow.

@Sunshine8888 excited for the 12 wks scan and as bad as it sound I can't wait for 1st trimester to be over, I'm over the sickness and all day nausea. I think it's worse this time round as I'm older or maybe my mind just forgot this phase 🥴.

Also 1000 post so time for a new thread! WoW

zoemelb Fri 04-Oct-19 08:41:23

Can I join this thread too. I'm 8+6 today, didn't have much nausea in the 1st 7 weeks, just lots of bloat and cramps, tiredness. Managed to cook for a couple days, then the nausea came back started to getting stronger the last couple days. Was thinking I will be able to go back to work next week, but now not so sure. I'm really hoping will get better by week 12.

Skiaddicted Fri 04-Oct-19 09:07:22

Is anyone else suffering with diarrhoea to go with the morning sickness fun? I dont remember it last time at all

MyMaybeBaby Fri 04-Oct-19 09:22:52

@skiaddicted Iron can cause both diarrhoea and constipation in pregnancy. 🙈 Kiwi fruit are a good source of iron. Tea/coffee/milk can stop absorption of iron.

MyMaybeBaby Fri 04-Oct-19 09:27:25

The antenatal vitamins gave me terrible sickness and made me feel very queasy. They may be making you feel worse.

Skiaddicted Fri 04-Oct-19 09:30:23

I stopped taking them in case it was them causing the issue 🙈 just ramped up fruit and veg intake massively. We do eat a lot of spinach so could be iron related!

Skiaddicted Fri 04-Oct-19 09:42:19

Im so much more nervous about everything this time, the different symptoms just make me think there will be bad news at our scan tomorrow afternoon

MyMaybeBaby Fri 04-Oct-19 10:00:25

@skiaddicted I had very few symptoms last time and the scan was perfect. You might be lucky and sail through the first trimester without too much sickness. I'm thinking of booking an early scan for reassurance.

Skiaddicted Fri 04-Oct-19 10:16:37

@mymaybebaby last time i had mild morning sickness, this time i feel sick most of the time and spent last weekend vomitting, also had diarrhoea this week too......struggling to work this time really but i dont want to not work. Just got fingers crossed for tomorrow

We had an early scan last time too and it does definitely put your mind at rest a bit......until the next scan and then the one after grin

AlmostAlwyn Fri 04-Oct-19 22:55:21

Hello everyone! Just checking in to the new thread! Will be 9 weeks on Monday and so far not feeling any different really (sorry, for those of you who are suffering!). Often really tired, but that could also be because of the toddler who still doesn't sleep through the night... smile

Looking forward to my next scan on the 31st!

Caspianberg Sun 06-Oct-19 06:37:56

Morning all.
Have my second scan on Wednesday (10+5).
Hopefully, all is well, and we will let the family know. Haven't told anyone yet.
Seem to be less sick, with fewer symptoms in general right now. Just need to wee overnight and starving as soon as I am awake.

No bowel issues here (yet!), but have really craved orange juice so have had a glass of fresh juice with bits in daily which may help some of you.

Caspianberg Sun 06-Oct-19 06:41:14

The only vitamins i am taking is folic acid with b12. Can't get the other type very easily here, and reading up seems folic acid is the most important.

Will you all continue folic acid the whole way through, or just to 12 weeks as recommended? I think i will plan to take mine until the 2 packs run out (probably around 18 weeks), then just take a vitamin d. or is it worth swapping to a pregnancy vitamin then? (can get a supply when next in uk)

Coastaldreamer Sun 06-Oct-19 15:55:41

Hey ladies hope you're all well!

Had our private scan this morning. Little peanut is very healthy and measuring 7w+6 exactly as I calculated 🙂 heartbeat was so strong could see it beating away 💗 and I was blown away by seeing my little bubba on screen 👶🏽

Take care x

Skiaddicted Sun 06-Oct-19 18:22:52

@Coastaldreamer congrats!!! That scan image is so clear!! Which company did you use if you dont mind me asking?

We had our scan Saturday evening, it was amazing! All healthy and due date has moved to 10th may

Coastaldreamer Mon 07-Oct-19 08:27:25

Hey @Skiaddicted the company we used was 'Window to the Womb'. They have branches all over and were well reviewed!

Congrats on your scan too 🤗 x

TummyTurtle Tue 08-Oct-19 18:59:13

Hi all, finally found this thread! Took me a while to realise the previous one was full.

I am somewhere between 11 & 12 weeks today as I'm unsure of when I ovulated, but I have my 12 week scan on Friday afternoon so that should confirm my EDD.

I have been feeling sooo nauseous but it is finally easing off this week - I had my first cup of tea this afternoon since I don't know when!!

TtcanotherG Thu 10-Oct-19 15:06:27

Girls havent been on abit. I'm roughly 8+3 now. However I went for early scan when I should've been 7+1. But it dated me 6+1.. I've a scan in the morning. Anyone else same as me. I'm worried something is wrong. I did see our beans heartbeat. I'm getting so nervous now

mintbear Thu 10-Oct-19 19:02:09

Sorry- just realised and found the thread too!

There was another thread I saw for ppl due 1-10 May, but I can't find it now!

So I have a question to put out there.. is anyone else showing? Im 10+4 today and I'm not exaggerating, I now have quite a large bump and I'm really worried ppl will notice (way before I'm ready to tell).

This is my first pregnancy (I know you tend to show earlier with your second and so on). I am overweight, so I was hoping I would be able to keep it under wraps for some time. I think a lot of it will be bloating as my diet has changed into a beige carbohydrate buffet while I've been suffering with the (almost) daily vom session.

Anyone else (although I think I might be on my own here)??confused

TtcanotherG Thu 10-Oct-19 21:07:54

@mintbear - this is fourth pg for me 3rd baby but I can def see a bump coming along. I'm hoping this is a good sign for my scan tomoro and not hormones mucking me about. I was quite active when fell pg playing a physical sport and training 3nights per week. I had lost weight and toned my tummy. So this bump def wasnt there few weeks ago..maybe it's my food baby I've been eating more crap lately lol

Lu1u Sat 12-Oct-19 08:42:15

@mintbear I remember with my first I had to get maternity trousers before 12 weeks because there was so much bloat/my upper tummy was so round I couldnt stand normal trousers pressing on it! I think the bloating went down in the second trimester and a "proper" (for lack of a better word!) appeared which was lower and my upper tummy was less puffy if that makes sense.

The first time round I also put a lot of weight on in the first trimester and this time a lot less but I still think I am showing just as much as the first time round... Bodies are weird!

mintbear Sat 12-Oct-19 09:52:01

Totally get your post, my tummy seems to grow and shrink. I've bought some mat clothes that I've started to wear however the bloat bump isn't holding them up- but they are way more comfy.

I'm having a scan today, just want to check everything is alright and calm my anxiety, I've not had my appointment for my first nhs scan yet.

Still feeling and being very sick, I'm 11 weeks tomorrow. How's everyone else feeling?

womenworld Sat 12-Oct-19 18:35:17

Read somewhere that there is something called the nub theory which determine the gender as early as 8-10 weeks... Anyone heard of this before...

Brisgirl Sat 12-Oct-19 21:35:04

Hello ladies! Longtime lurker, now 11+1 weeks and feeling generally quite anxious about it all.
Does anyone know what the FB group is now called? Was quite hesitant to join but think the support would be great. Thanks!

mollysmummy1970 Sat 12-Oct-19 22:49:54

I found you all! Just checking in, I'll be 10+2 tomorrow and I'm going for a private scan, once I know everything is OK they're going to let my little boy in the room to see it ☺️ I'm so so excited to see his little face. Then we will go and announce to both sets of parents. I will update tomorrow evening!

Still feeling absolutely diabolical from the minute I open my eyes all day, and being sick now into the bargain. Hope this eases off a bit soon.

Skiaddicted Sun 13-Oct-19 00:27:19

@Brisgirl its called may flowers

Brisgirl Sun 13-Oct-19 08:45:13

@mollysmummy1970 how exciting!

@Skiaddicted thanks! Have tried looking but can’t find that one any more - is it now secret?

MrsFoggy82 Mon 14-Oct-19 07:37:27

Hi All

Can I join please? I'm 8 +6 roughly

Finding the Facebook group a bit much, too much like Girlsmouth for me atm, my last one is much smaller (still v active with the addition of a very chatty whatsapp group). Maybe I'm just old and grumpy now! 😂

Skiaddicted Mon 14-Oct-19 08:26:42

Oh it might be secret now, yes! Cant say ive been in it much lately as it got too big!

Sunshine8888 Mon 14-Oct-19 08:50:18

I’ve only just found this thread sorry!

I’m 11+1 today, feel like I’m nearly there now after the longest 12 weeks ever!

Having harmony test on weds and trying to rearrange my 12 week scan which is meant to be Sunday afternoon but I’m away 😬

Purple29 Wed 16-Oct-19 04:38:51

Just found this thread, I am 8+5 today, it's my first pregnancy a d behave been trying for a long time, came as a very pleasant surprise!!! I am soooo anxious, its keeping me awake. My symptoms come and go, other than tender boobs, fatigue and some food aversion. How does everyone get over this a pious feeling? I have an early scan booked for a week on monday and plan to tell people soon after!!

Just feel like I have no one to talk to about pregnancy, my DH is military and deployed soon after we found out!!

ChaoticKate Wed 16-Oct-19 14:00:25

I’m also finding the Facebook group a bit full on. It’s very different to my last group, maybe everything moved across to Facebook a little early. I had my booking in appointment today and have been told I’ll be under consultant led care with extra growth scans because my last baby was small for gestational age and I had gestational diabetes. I was also booked straight in for the Glucose Tolerance Test to see if the diabetes has come back so I’ve got that tomorrow. I’m optimistic that it hasn’t because I don’t have the constant unquenchable thirst I had last time. Fingers crossed!!

mollysmummy1970 Wed 16-Oct-19 22:33:25

Had my second scan on Sunday! They bumped my dates up a bit so now 11+2. Got my booking in app on Monday and my 12 week scan next Monday so all go!

Also took my 5 year old boy to the scan and he was absolutley delighted to be getting a brother or sister, his wee face just lit up he's so excited.

AmIseeingRight Thu 17-Oct-19 04:08:29

Hi ladies had my 12 wks scan & downs testing yesterday. All good & I'm measuring ahead so moved my due date to 30 April 2020 but please let me stay 😊.

Sunshine8888 Thu 17-Oct-19 08:32:25

@AmIseeingRight I just got moved forward 3 days too so we are now due date buddies! Congrats 💕 can you believe we’ve made it to 12 weeks?!

Sunshine8888 Thu 17-Oct-19 08:33:19

Yay congrats @mollysmummy1970 💕

Skiaddicted Thu 17-Oct-19 08:50:33

Oh 12 week scans galore, amazing! Have you all decided if you will find out the sex?

Sunshine8888 Thu 17-Oct-19 09:54:02

@Skiaddicted I should find out next week when I get my harmony results 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻💙💖

Skiaddicted Thu 17-Oct-19 11:49:25

Eeek @sunshine8888 how exciting! Im so sure ours will be another boy, im happy either way but boy is easier with sharing clothes but harder with names 🤣

Sunshine8888 Thu 17-Oct-19 12:04:07

@skiaddicted I have a feeling mine is a boy! Not sure why, think due to mild sickness and always feeling hungry! I don’t have any children yet so I’d be thrilled with either 😊

Skiaddicted Thu 17-Oct-19 12:16:34

@sunshine8888 what made you go for the harmony test out of interest?
Im happy with either but I've been SO much more sick this time, signed off work for a week so people keep saying its a girl...only 10 more weeks til we know grin

Sunshine8888 Thu 17-Oct-19 12:38:43

@skiaddicted, the harmony test is a lot more accurate than the nhs screening and I’m someone who likes to have as much info as possible, also find the private scans etc much more pleasant experience than nhs who seem understaffed and overworked

Skiaddicted Thu 17-Oct-19 14:48:51

@Sunshine8888 i couldnt agree more with the quality of scans!!! We will definitely go down the harmony route should there be any possible issues flagged, just hadnt considered doing it from the beginning!

Chaosonthehorizon Thu 17-Oct-19 21:20:54

Not sure if this is allowed but I am dipping into May and June groups as this bump may end up being a May baby. ChaoticKate I also had GD last time, have been testing since my positive test and all good so far but only 6 wks. My team seem to just assume that once you have had GD you get it again. Not great but on the other hand I might avoid the actual

Skiaddicted Wed 23-Oct-19 11:49:11

Hows everyone getting on? Ive developed a real aversion to a major carnivore its proving an odd one! @sunshine888 did you get your harmony results yet?

mollysmummy1970 Wed 23-Oct-19 14:15:26

I'm doing OK, finally got my booking app on Monday after mine was cancelled on Monday there. Also got "12week" scan on Monday too even tho it's likely I could almost be 14 weeks! Been a bit of a shambles really!

Thankfully I know all is well as this will be my 4th scan!

Also got put on anti sickness tablets and although it hasn't taken it away it's far more bearable!

Anyway enough about me, how have u been ski?

Sunshine8888 Wed 23-Oct-19 14:18:34

Hi @Skiaddicted, yes I got them yesterday! Low risk for all 3 conditions (1/10,000) and also had my nhs scan last night, all looks good. I also found out we are having a little girl. I’m so happy. 😊

Skiaddicted Wed 23-Oct-19 18:43:44

@mollysmummy1970 oh are you still suffering with sickness? That must be horrid! Maternity care seems a little.....hit and miss depending on where you are in the UK, 14 weeks for your 12 week scan is not ideal!! That seems late for a booking appt too?!

@Sunshine8888 hurraaaay thats awesome news! Ooooh, you can start thinking of names and things, how exciting!!!

Sunshine8888 Wed 23-Oct-19 22:19:31

At what point do we start feeling human again? I’m struggling so much with the tiredness and sick feeling since week 10, it’s really so unpleasant! Especially in the evenings. I’m so happy I’m pregnant but I am finding it really hard atm 🤢

Skiaddicted Thu 24-Oct-19 08:27:08

I think its so different for everyone @sunshine8888, ive stopped feeling sick for the most part now but tiredness last time kicked in for me around 14 weeks. I know by my 20 week scan i felt amazing so somewhere in there i hope grin. Its worth it in the end and soon becomes a distant memory....then the waddling phase starts instead (although i actually felt better as it all went on even to the end)

Caspianberg Thu 24-Oct-19 08:50:05

There seems to be a couple of us now on 30/04/20 due dates.

Now 13 weeks here. Sickness, in general, has disappeared for me. Although I have been flying the last 10 days on and off, and feel quite queasy on each flight.

Sunshine8888 Thu 24-Oct-19 09:33:43

The nhs moved my due date to 2nd May which is very odd because baby was measuring 13 weeks on Tuesday and in the photo it even says 13 weeks, GA - 28/04/20! So I honestly don’t know when my due date is now - it doesn’t make sense!

Skiaddicted Thu 24-Oct-19 11:49:26

That seems early to move it to, may be worth having a chat with them (could change again at 20weeks i cany remember) but you dont want to be assumed to be overdue when you're not @Sunshine8888

Skiaddicted Thu 24-Oct-19 11:50:45

@Caspianberg pleased to hear your sickness has mainly gone, sounds a hectic 10 days though!

Caspianberg Thu 24-Oct-19 12:15:51

@Skiaddicted - yes fairly hectic, luckily just 4 flights. A shortish 5 hr return, plus internal 1hr return

AlmostAlwyn Fri 25-Oct-19 21:03:30

So sorry to hear some of you are still suffering! Hope things improve for you soon!

Great news, @Sunshine8888! Did you have any feeling you were having a girl?

Apart from tired (though that could be the toddler!) I feel pretty normal most of the time! Though I did tidy up the toys the other night and felt like being sick after... What's the point in tidying up with a toddler anyway, right?!

Got my 12 week appointment on Thursday so nervous and looking forward to that! smile

Caspianberg Sun 27-Oct-19 08:58:01

I feel like I should be doing something productive babywise, but it feels too early to actually buy/ start anything.
So I have just started a baby wish list on Amazon and majorly hacking back our garden in the hope it won't need much doing in the spring when baby arrives.

Skiaddicted Sun 27-Oct-19 16:47:32

@Caspianberg all I've done is research car seats and double prams, nothing else productive at all, still feels so surreal!!

Caspianberg Mon 28-Oct-19 09:35:51

@Skiaddicted - we went into a baby store last week near where we were travelling. Dh and I saw cars seats for €700+. We left soon after with DH muttering WTF... Our actual car probably isn't worth much more.

Skiaddicted Mon 28-Oct-19 10:05:22

@caspianberg if you can get the Joie Juva where you are (i see you used the € logo) its only £40 and a very well rated infant car seat! Belted only but raved about on all the car seat expert pages I'm on on Facebook (belted is just as safe as isofix - isofix is just easier). But yeah theyre an expensive minefield confused

Trying to do all my research and make decisions now on things such as double buggies and car seats so i know what we have to buy and not make mistakes wasting money like last time

Caspianberg Mon 28-Oct-19 10:11:54

@Skiaddicted. Thanks. Have seen some more reasonable online ie those 0-4 year rear facing type that stay in car for €200 ish mark which is much more like it. Will be in Uk around xmas time so will take a look at the joie juva and others if possible.
Its not the actual money as such, but like you say, don't want to waste it on something if not necessary.

AlmostAlwyn Thu 31-Oct-19 14:55:29

Had my 12 week scan today - all looks good and normal. Low risk for pre-eclampsia, negative for Downs, etc. Due date updated to 6th of May. I'd kind of convinced myself that something was going to be wrong, so it's a relief! smile

How's everyone else getting on?

Skiaddicted Thu 31-Oct-19 16:19:26

@almostalwyn thats fantastic news, mine is the week after next and depsite a positive private scan a few weeks back I'm also very nervous for bad news! Are you planning to announce to friends and family now?

@caspianberg if you're looking at that type we have the Joie Stages for our dc1 and its great! Well priced and Joie do their own independent testing so better than the standard. Buying anything if the amounts these things costs is painful isnt it, and you just dont want to get it wrong!

AlmostAlwyn Thu 31-Oct-19 16:50:35

@Skiaddicted I already told my parents and siblings at around 5 weeks as we were having a family celebration and it was nice to tell them in person (I don't live in the UK). I didn't get any pictures from the scan today, but I've got a regular scan with my gynaecologist on Tuesday so I'm sure I'll get pictures then (possibly 3D!). I'll start letting friends and wider family know then. It's always nice to announce with proof! grin

Regarding the car seat chat, we have a Joie 360 spin and can really recommend it! We started with a Cybex Aton Q (no base), but didn't use it outside the car (to clip it into the pushchair, etc) so the 360 would have been suitable from the start. It can be used rear-facing till 18kg (and forward facing from 9kg) too.

flossy12 Sat 02-Nov-19 00:34:34

Anyone good with Nub theories?? My friends had a look at our 12 weeks and thinks it could be a boy 😅 I'm not taking any chances until our 20 weeks scan but would be nice to know if anyone has conflicting answer

flossy12 Sat 02-Nov-19 00:59:12

@Coastaldreamer seen your scan post I'm due on the 17th of May so will be 12 weeks on Sunday so your only 1 day behind me for now 😊😊

Sunshine8888 Sat 02-Nov-19 10:09:49

@flossy12 it’s so hard to guess! I’ve compared to my scan pic (girl) and see differences so I’m guessing boy for you! 💙

Skiaddicted Sat 02-Nov-19 13:45:17

We also have a Joie 360 and love that one the most!

Oooh thats such a clear scan picture, i know nothing about nub theory so going with 'aborable baby'

Skiaddicted Mon 04-Nov-19 10:23:09

So i had to dig out my maternity clothes on Friday, please tell me I'm not the only one who looks blatently pregnant already blush

flossy12 Tue 05-Nov-19 15:59:58

@Skiaddicted your not the only one 😂😓 this is my first pregnancy , I'm 12 weeks and pre pregnancy was a size 6 but now I'm struggling to fit in any jeans or pants, having to wear long dresses and multi layers

Think it's time to go shopping x

Coastaldreamer Sat 09-Nov-19 18:20:29

@flossy12 hey Hun how're you getting on? So we had our scan on Thursday. All looking good 🤗 heartbeat of 185bpm!! Just waiting for the downs etc testing letter to come through. Can I ask those of you who opted to have the testing how long did your letter take to come through?

They also dated me further than I thought. So I'm now 13w+2 and due 14th May smile happy to be dated further 🙃

flossy12 Sat 09-Nov-19 20:20:30

@Coastaldreamer I'm trudging on ☺️ still being sick every other day, and got a really bad cold but apart from that everything else seems to be going ok ☺️ I can't remember then telling me the heart rate at our scan at all, wonder if it's on the scan pic 🤔 mine little peanut wouldn't stay on it's back for the measurements so not sure how long the letter will take sorry hun xx

Skiaddicted Sun 10-Nov-19 08:26:46

@Coastaldreamer around here you get a call in 2-3 days after the test if there is an issue, if not up to 10 days for a letter. We had ours Monday last week so fingers crossed we are all clear smile

@flossy12 has the sickness eased at all? Im cold filled too, its horrid only being able to take paracetamol, it just doesnt cut it! Also if you join the JoJo preloved clothing facebook groups you may well find second hand maternity stuff much cheaper

flossy12 Sun 10-Nov-19 11:20:23

@Skiaddicted it's on and off really, the cold isn't budging though 😡 exactly it does nothing for a cold 🙄 I'll have a look at that group today thank you!

Skiaddicted Tue 12-Nov-19 19:41:45

@flossy12 its a nightmare isnt it, i think ive had a cold for approx 15 years at this point blush sorry to hear the sickness is still playing up at times

My back and boobs are utter agony, ended up lying in bed all day after phoning in sick. Think the big boobs are causing the bad back

flossy12 Wed 13-Nov-19 00:46:49

@Skiaddicted my colds easing off now, still working my 12 hours but spent my day off on the sofa 😂😅 printed off a pregnancy menu to help with ideas on food 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Skiaddicted Wed 13-Nov-19 11:25:34

Im addicted to carbs, carbs and carbs at the moment its not good!

I long for a sofa day, alas DC1 is very active and not keen

Sunshine8888 Wed 13-Nov-19 13:05:47

@Skiaddicted I’m exactly the same! Can’t get enough carbs. Also sweets and biscuits. I feel so unhealthy!

Skiaddicted Wed 13-Nov-19 13:44:48

Oh yes biscuits too......and cake.....I'm usually such a healthy eater too!!

AlmostAlwyn Wed 13-Nov-19 14:04:34

I haven't had much in the way of sickness or cravings or anything, but the headaches have arrived! Had a headache last night so took some paracetamol at 10, then woke up with a headache again at 4 so took more paracetamol. Woke up again at 6.40 - but too early to take more! sad

My blood pressure is normal so just one of those things I guess. Fingers crossed this phase doesn't last too long! I've ordered a 4 head stick so hopefully I can use that instead of the paracetamol. Anyone have any other remedies?

Sunshine8888 Wed 13-Nov-19 14:51:12

@AlmostAlwyn I am getting headaches too, they’re horrible but I’m not taking anything for them. Just suffering through! My blood pressure was low at my 8 week app. Hopefully it will be checked again at my 16 week app on Friday.

AlmostAlwyn Wed 13-Nov-19 15:38:07

@Sunshine8888 I just suffered through in my first pregnancy too, but I'm finding it more difficult with a toddler! I read headaches are pretty normal (hormones + increased blood flow), though my mum is stressing about pre-eclampsia.

Hoping I can persuade my husband to give me a neck massage later grin

Sunshine8888 Wed 13-Nov-19 18:17:10

@AlmostAlwyn I have a killer headache today 😢 it’s making me feel a bit sick. I hope this isn’t going to be a regular thing 😭

Skiaddicted Wed 13-Nov-19 19:25:47

Sorry to hear you are all suffering, although glad its not just me with the head aches! Had one for about 4 days, not ideal with a toddler

AlmostAlwyn Thu 14-Nov-19 14:43:17

I got some peppermint oil yesterday and my husband gave me a shoulder and neck massage using a couple of drops in some coconut oil. It was great! My headache went away and I slept really well (toddler did too so that helped! grin). It was back this morning, but a brisk walk actually really helped. I've still getting a couple of twinges at my nape, but otherwise... touch wood! smile

AlmostAlwyn Thu 02-Jan-20 09:16:43

Happy new year! tcrsmile Is anyone still following this thread? How far along are you? How's it going?

I'm 22 weeks now and looking forward to my "20" week scan in a week. It's a bit late as I've been away, but hopefully everything is fine in there! Feeling baby kicking every day smile We'd like to find out the sex so fingers crossed baby doesn't have its legs crossed like last time! grin

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