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Any mums- to-be in The Wirral or Merseyside area

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snowytyphoonsmum Tue 26-Dec-06 20:47:30

Just wondering if there is anyone out there from Wirral or Merseyside.

Am 9 weeks and due in July.

Will I see anyone in Arrowe Park Hospital

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MerryBiglipsmas Wed 27-Dec-06 15:50:21


many congrats xxx

i do hope u will find someone from the Wirral on here but there are only a handful of them. Check out on as they are alot of them - im originally from Greasby and now living in Seaforth (not far from Bootle) with a 27m old DD and a Fiance

Good luck and dont forget to join on Ante-natal July 2007 club on here too x

3monkeys Wed 27-Dec-06 15:57:32

Hi! Am on Wirral - have 3 children aged 7, 5 and 16 months! Had DS1 and DD at Chester and DS2 at Arrowe. Whereabouts are you?

lulumama Wed 27-Dec-06 16:03:36

in southport with a DS who is 7 and DD 16 months.. we are having a meet up 2nd jan in southport, if you have other children , we are meeting at a soft play place...


congratulations on your pregnancy!

marymillington Wed 27-Dec-06 16:17:13

hello - congratulations and welcome. i'm round the corner from biglips and down the road from lulu. have 2 year old ds and 8 months pg with number 2.

snowytyphoonsmum Wed 27-Dec-06 21:13:30

Hi 3monkeys. I live in Rock Ferry. No I'm not a tracksuit wearing scally. There are a few respectable people here. I have one DD age 4 and a DSD age 12. Had DD at Arrowe Park and now work upstairs from the ante natal clinic in the gynae wards.

Would love to go to the southport do but I don't drive. So may be hard getting up there but I'll look into it.Will go on the thing too.

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3rdTriMossTer Sun 07-Jan-07 13:03:23

Hello there, I'm in St Helens and due in March with my first.

I'm going to Liverpool Women's hospital, they have a midwife run birth centre there.

Good luck with everything

saturn Mon 05-Feb-07 21:23:04

Hi, I'm in Higher Bebington and due in August, also in Arrowe Park Hospital. What is it like at Arrowe Park? This is my first and had the choice of Liverpool Womens, Chester or Arrowe Park and went with Arrowe Park because it was closest - didn't know I would have a choice. They seemed very efficient when I went for the 10 week scan.

RedFraggle Tue 27-Feb-07 10:03:35


I'm from Bromborough on the Wirral and will be in Arrowe Park in early June. This is my second child, but I had my first at the Countess in Chester so can't help with what Arrowe is like to deliver at! Seems nice so far...

typhoonsmum Wed 07-Mar-07 07:42:40

Arrowe Park is lovely but as I said I work there so I'm bias.

Don't know if any of you are still on this thread. I'll BUMP for more attention

mylittlestar Wed 07-Mar-07 08:02:38


I am from the Wirral - live in Prenton at the moment.

I have an 18 month old ds.

Two of my close friends are currently pregnant (one due in july, one sept I think), and just found out today that my SIL is expecting - yippeeeeee i'm going to be an aunty

I had ds in arrowe park too. They were absolutely fantastic.

hayley2u Thu 26-Jul-07 11:02:02

anyone have any advice on arrowe park hospital when coming to a planned c cection. i am wondering what my chances are they will agree

rafael Fri 25-Feb-11 12:27:29

Hi congratulations, will you be requiring a nanny
I have over ten years experience as a nanny looking after babies from newborn, twins, triplets, and quads also premature babies, I am registered, flexible and a non smoker you can call me on this no if interested 07856891511 ) or leave me a message and I will call you right back.
or via netmums looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,

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