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severe period type pains

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trickybarmby Sat 22-Dec-12 20:40:45

Hi, I'm 32 and on my third pregnancy, approximately 7 /8weeks ish, I have already had an early scan at 6 weeks ish after I bled for over a week and was having severe back and period pains and just felt generally ill, they found a heartbeat but couldn't find an reason for the pain, just said it must be the uterus and muscles etc reading then it sort of got better with just dull period pain and backache, constant nausea but no actual vomiting but today had come on terribly again, I keep checking if I'm bleeding because it's so painful I'm convinced I must be but thankfully not but the pain is so intense I can hardly move.

I suppose I just want some reassurance I had my eldest son at 24 and my youngest at 28 so am notsure if it's just a case of being older this time around or if there's something seriously wrong, I've fortunately never had a miscarriage so don't know what that may feel like and unless I start massively bleeding or something would like to try and avoid going back to the epau our three

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trickybarmby Sat 22-Dec-12 20:44:55

Oops I hadn't finished! I meant to say or the gp because my gp just thinks I'm a massive hypochondriac anyway and I was there for check ups all through when I was bleeding, I've just never felt like this before and can't imagine it staying this bad or getting worse for the next 9 months! Thanks in advance!

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