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May 2011 - The Rosy Glow Before the Storm!

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Loopymumsy Wed 05-Jan-11 21:14:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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Loopymumsy Wed 05-Jan-11 21:42:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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sesamesmith Wed 05-Jan-11 23:04:07

Chester - don't worry too much. We're only halfway-ish, so things can sort themselves out. Anyway, not sure how they can tell there's fluid - they're 'breathing' amniotic fluid at the moment anyway. It's amazing how much they can fix, probably with steroids to strengthen his lungs. Good luck, and let us know his progress.

Good list, Loopy. Just wondered - is the Lansinoh supposed to be so hard it's almost impossible to squeeze out of the tube? Or have I been fobbed off by Mothercare? (Had sore bits already...)

Bronchitis much better but I think I have a pregnancy-related sinus problem... Oh, the joys!

Does anyone know if you can combine the earnings from 2 different lots of PAYE earnings in order to get the full Statutory Maternity Pay? I am not earning enough at one to qualify, and the other will give me a reduced amount. My third lot of work is self-employed. Thanks

McKTastic Thu 06-Jan-11 00:06:36

Hello all

Three is our lucky number so am going to take the plunge and come out of hiding as third person to post on new thread (someone's prob faster at typing & beaten me to it though! but figured Loopy starting it was a good omen too so what the heck!)

Am due end of May - almost a year to the day that we found out we'd mmc our first pregnancy (twins) Am totally in denial - hopeful but still v anxious. Anomaly scan all good Am not v good at being pregnant thou- hyperemesis and still throwing up and v bad pelvic pain when I walk (handy when you live two floors up!)

Hope you don't mind me saying "hello" - I've enjoyed reading how everyone's been getting on so far. Hope to catch up soon.

Loopymumsy Thu 06-Jan-11 06:50:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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QwertyQueen Thu 06-Jan-11 07:03:50

so exciting to have some new comers! Welcome :D

All is well here, this one is a wriggler that's for sure. Have woken up the last 2 nights with very sore stomach muscles, I don't remember getting that first time round.
Mind you my tummy has suddenly popped out these last few days so me thinks there has been a major growth spurt (hopefully with her, and not me!!!)

SOrry to hear you are worried, Chester, but I have heard of so many of these types if things sorting themselves out - the babies just need more time to grow. Great that is was noticed and being monitored though.

It is so hot here today - 9am and must be at least 30 degrees. Yesterday it got to 34 in some places!!!! yeouch.

DontWorryBaby Thu 06-Jan-11 07:11:10

Welcome McKT!

Sesame yes, that's normal for lansinoh. Just try not to keep it anywhere too cold and warm it in your hands to soften a little before applying.

jinglebellssantasmells Thu 06-Jan-11 08:25:58


Bonkerz Thu 06-Jan-11 09:32:37

hi all, YEY new thread, i intend to post more (am sure i said that on last thread too and failed miserably!)

Have midwife today so should be able to get MATB1 form, then its back to work monday.

Had some bad news this morning that my husbands uncle has passed away, he had a heart attack at work and was only 51. His wife is in the late stages of recovery of cancer so its all a bit of a shock. It seems to be the curse of me being pregnant (dad died when i was pregnant with DS, mum died when i was 22 weeks pregnant with DD and not uncle has died and im 22 weeks on sunday!) DEFINATELY NO MORE CHILDREN AFTER THIS ONE!

not much more to say right now.
As for the essentials list i have always stocked up on moses basket sheets (have made them from single terry sheets as cheaper) and always have the main sheet on cot /moses basket and then add a second smaller sheet to part where baby is laying as this part gets hair and sick and milk on it so can be changed quicker. In the early days i also used to 'scent' this top sheet with a little breast milk and 'my smell' so baby became used to moses basket!

sesamesmith Thu 06-Jan-11 10:49:10

Littlemilla just read about muscles separating - called diastasis recti (see link and here)

Bonkerz that's really, really sad! Please don't blame yourself. Things just have a way of happening all together.

Loopy I haven't earned enough to get more than £30 a week Maternity Allowance. The whole system seems very screwed! Plus, my boss is refusing to read the details of where he has underpaid me, which might just tip the balance. It seems that if you earn £95 in 5 different PAYE employments and pay 5 lots of National Insurance you get £0.00 Maternity pay, but if you earn £97 per week in 5 different employments, you get 5 lots of Maternity pay. There must be a way around it...

omnomnomtom Thu 06-Jan-11 10:50:23

Morning all,
Am off work with morning(ahem, all day) sickness <bleurgh> and have my 20 week scan later today.

Chester sorry you had worrying news at your scan- hopefully you will find out some more information soon

Hello McKT and Leila I'm a newbie to this thread too!

Bonkerz sorry about your sad news

The essentials list is good, can I suggest something that is not essential but very useful if you are planning to breastfeed- a flask or travel mug as you can spend ages stuck on the sofa feeding in the early days and will be glad of a drink!
I would also recommend a baby sleeping bag as opposed to blankets/cot quilt, that way you don't need to wrap them in blankets for night feeds you just lift 'em out in the sleeping bag- so much easier, and they are meant to be safer too.

Bonkerz Thu 06-Jan-11 11:08:38

I cannot seem to drink enough! since day one the midwife has been comenting on my dark Urine and telling me to drink more. At the moment im drinking around 5 litres of fluid a day and around 1 litre at night too (which means im up alot on toilet!) Today she has YET AGAIN told me to drink MORE> dehydrated apparently!

Rollercoasteryears Thu 06-Jan-11 12:41:59

loopy thanks for starting the new thread and Happy Birthday to your DD!

In terms of the essentials/don't buys list, the two main things we wasted money on were a nappy bin wrapper thing and loads of bedding. We bought lots of sheets and cellular blankets (as recommended by baby books) for both DS's moses basket and his cotbed and have only ever used the fitted bottom sheets - the flat top sheets and blankets haven't been touched, because he's always slept in a sleeping bag! I second Omnomnomtom's view that it's better to buy grobags (or equivalent) as the baby doesn't come out from under them in the middle of the night and wake up cold and not to buy loads of top bedding...

We also could easily have saved money by not buying a carrycot for our travel system, because for the first few months, DS was mostly in a sling or in his car seat on the travel system (although only suitable for fairly short periods).

Bonkerz so sorry to hear your sad news. I can see that there must seem to be a connection to you, but as Loopy says, it's not your fault and these things do have a habit of happening at odd times.

Welcome McKT and Leila!

cowboylover Thu 06-Jan-11 13:35:34

loopy: thanks for starting the new thread and Happy Birthday to your DD!

Bonkerz: I have been the same, I think shes obsessed with it! I have been drinking loads but it does not seam to be enough. I have never usually drank at the same time as eating but now cant stop! Still feeling sick but very occasionally actually sick now so I think its going the right way. Would be nice to be able to finish a meal tho..

Omnomnomtom and Rollercoasteryears. I have been suprised at the price of the growbags or sleeping bags! How many do you need?

I cant believe how quick this week is going and I am back to work on Monday.. Boo!

DontWorryBaby Thu 06-Jan-11 14:35:28

On the subject of sleeping bags - I think there is a lower weight limit (maybe around 8/9lbs?) so it might not be suitable for your newborn. It was a month or two before DS1 was heavy enough for them. I think we had around 3/4. We did, however, have far too much bedding so if you can survive with a couple of cellular blankets until baby is heavy enough for the sleeping bags, I think that's the way to go!

We have been absolutely blessed with a good sleeper in DS1, goodness knows what I'll do if this one is a party animal, but I have one of those sunrise alarm clocks which is also a lamp and I'd turn it on as low as possible for night-time feeds so something similar would be on my essentials list in an effort to teach the difference between daytime and night time from early on. I know someone who kept a torch on their bedside unit!

I second rollercoaster on the carrycot thing. We were limited by boot space in the car so went for what is in effect a buggy but which was suitable for a newborn. I don't know what I'd do with the big carrycot to store it as we have limited space at home. Depends if you're going to be mainly out in a car or walking/using public transport and I suppose with baby baths/carry cots you could store things IN them?

Bonkerz Sorry about your bad news. I hope your husband and his family are ok. It's always shocking when people die suddenly. x

Loopymumsy Thu 06-Jan-11 14:43:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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cowboylover Thu 06-Jan-11 16:07:46

Oh thats a good idea thanks Loopy! I will have a look around and online and let you know if I find any bargains.

I really do like the iCandy so I will have to make some serious savings somewhere!
I bought some babygrows in Peakcocks earlier 3 pack for $1 (sorry no pound sign!) I am going to keep an eye on the sales.

Can anyone recommend a nipple cream that does not contain Lanolin? I am allergic unfortunatly.

Rollercoasteryears Thu 06-Jan-11 16:26:39

Cowboy the grobags are expensive - I've always managed with just two though and you can get them fairly cheap in TK Maxx if you have one near you, or some of the own brand ones are quite a bit cheaper than the original Grobags. We've also got the iCandy Apple travel system - it's been v good. But it's that carrycot I could definitely have managed without (I used to take DS into town on the bus in the sling or in the car and then car seat - I guess if I'd done more walking, I might have used it more).

ElfOnTheTopShelf Thu 06-Jan-11 16:36:19

I second, third, forth and fifth the grobags, we stumbled on them when we had DD, to begin with we had blankets etc, but she was so much happier in the sleeping bag. I think its partly because I never got the hang of swaddling, and she used to wake herself up with sudden movements, but the sleeping bag limited that. Got to buy some more; but second rollercoasteryears comments that you can get them cheaper; I think even Tesco/ASDA etc do them.

Had my scan today. Everything appeared fine and the woman doing the scan was LOVELY, very joyful and chatty. She said she couldn't see anything abnormal (phew) and that the baby looked like it may be a big baby when its fully cooked; possibly a 9lber or bigger (DD was 8lbs 13.5oz, and was early section).

She asked whether we wanted to know the sex, DD had changed her mind this week but changed it back this morning, so we were back to the finding out. The woman scanning was 99% sure it is a BOY.

Going to pick DD up in a bit to let her know she's getting a brother grin

Rang my mum to tell her as I bet her £100 it was a boy, whereas she, my dad, and my younger sister were adamant it would be another girl.

Will check the thread(s) later, been a bit busy on the threads and I've not been checking in with it being month end at work (accountancy). Hope everybody is well, will catch up properly later.

pistachio Thu 06-Jan-11 17:09:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jinglebellssantasmells Thu 06-Jan-11 17:16:25

just a quick one to say hello to everyone

elf- congrats on boy

is it just me or does there seem to be a lot more boys than girls due??

chester21 Thu 06-Jan-11 17:28:24

hi ladies, thank u for all ur nice messages just got back from scan number 3 and i do feel better today, as he has grown some more they are able to see more and are quite certain its a cyst which with careful monitoring over the next few months and then when he is born should be a sortoutable thing.

But i think little Alexander is going to be a handful when we tuns up he does seem to have a cheeky personality already has anyone else felt like that even thopugh their child isnt here yet.

omnomnomtom Thu 06-Jan-11 20:05:35

Evening ladies
grobags Like rollercoaster I've had them from TKMaxx also I got a couple of own brand ones from Tesco which were soft jersey and really quite nice and DS is currently using one from Babies'R'Us I think which wasn't cheap but which folded up at the bottom so you can extend it as the child grows- not sure if they do these for young babies though?
You need 2 and maybe more for emergencies because a vomiting bug is guaranteed at some point- we have resorted to towels as bedding when everything else has been used!

Scan today was fine- it's another boy. We started the naming discussion on the way home grin Early contenders are Rufus and Rory- will have to start drawing up a list

Chester glad you got some positive news at your scan today

Cowboy I'm still suffering with nausea too, although like you actually vomiting less as time goes on- this week I've felt really rough though seems to come and go.

runningmonkey Thu 06-Jan-11 20:30:33

Congrats on all the scans folks.

chester glad to see you had some positive news today and are feeling a bit better

bonkerz thoughts are with you and your family x

loopy thanks for the childcare info - we've factored that in now

As for budgeting - I've worked out that I will go on mat leave at 36 weeks which is the same as last time and also coincides with the end of the spring term for us. Last time I struggled to drive (short legs resulting in no gap between bump and steering wheel) so I think it will be a good idea to leave then. It also leaves some time in case I need to be induced early because of potential giant baby.

I'm likely to be going back to work for a week before the Christmas hols to have handover time and then back properly to my teaching timetable in Jan. This will just about take me up to the end of stat mat leave so I won't have any unpaid time off. We'll be keeping DD at her childminders for the whole time as that is covered by both me and DH claiming vouchers (I work 3 days per week). DD loves her CM and from talking to other 2nd timers I think it will pay to keep her in her own little routine as much as we can as well as giving me some time with the baby.

We're also trying to be as frugal as possible so we can maximise any spare cash hmm we have - so am trying to be a bit better at planning meals, etc.

loopy loving the essentials list. We had one on my old A/N thread which I will try to find at some point to see if there is anything else we could add.

I am another who loves a baby sleeping bag. I spent my health in pregnancy grant on some merino ones which have been fab - they are adjustable so go from birth up to 18months. DD is only just growing out of them now so although pricey, they have been brilliant. Will try to find a link. They did a bundle of a summer and winter one which saved a bit of money. Also they dry really quickly so we got away with just the two and one cheapo spare one from ikea for middle of the night changing emergencies.

cowboy have a look at Kamilosan (spelling) as I'm not sure if it contains lanolin or not. That was my nip cream of choice as I loved the smell and actually used the remainder of the tube as handcream until it ran out blush

Right on that embarassing note I must go and finish my lesson plans for tomorrow. Just popped on to bookmark really and thought I had better try to catch up with you all on the shiny new thread

pistachio Thu 06-Jan-11 20:42:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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