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Are these signs of early labour !!!

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Roz14 Wed 11-Aug-10 12:03:20

Just after a little advice really. I am 38 weeks tomorrow with my second child and have started to get these really strange dull pains both down below and a little around my back. I am also starting to feel a little bit more pressure around my back end but when I went to see my MW last week she said that the baby was at the brim of my pelvis but not engaged. I have also noticed that my bump which was a little off centre to the right where the baby's bum was, is now more central and looks a little lower. I am sure that these aches are just related to the baby getting into position but starting to also consider early signs of labour. I dont mean to sound gross either but these past few days I have been getting a quite thick white discharge (sorry for being so graphical!). I dont remember any of this with my son nearly 4 years ago. Any feedback what be much appreciated smile.

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MelissaM Wed 11-Aug-10 15:32:08

Sounds like your little one's head is now engaged, and the discharge could be a show. don't get too excited though as good still be a days or even weeks before labour starts (sorry). Good luck smile

Roz14 Fri 13-Aug-10 22:02:15

Thanks for your feedback MelissaM. I am assuming that it must be the head engaging because I am still getting these dull aching pains 2 days later. I am sure the baby will come when it is ready smile

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