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Ollie2005's baba

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Ollie2005 Wed 20-Jul-05 21:46:46

Finally pleased to let you all know that my beautiful baba Ailidh Anne Margaret was born on the 4th july @13.21. After a rotten pregnancy I had a great labour not what i expected at all.

I first had contractions the Monday before and constantly on and off for the whole week!! My consultant decided to book me in for an induction on the sunday as I was only 1/2 cm dialated by and i was in soo much pain from my spd and contractions - basically fed up too!!!! I was scared on the morning of my induction as i didnt know if I could do it but after getting the gel I started having contractions 3 hours later and by midnight they were coming on fast. I was so lucky I had a midwife who ran me a bath and got me heat packs and rubbed my back for ages, oh and gave me painkillers grin]. By 5am it was time to call DP from his sleep, I was moved to the delivery room which was like being at home and had a good bounce on the ball and some gas and air but it made me sick!! I got an injection of diamorphine at 7 and I slept between contractions before i knew it I was ready to push - I thought it was in a spce of 20mins but was informed by a well squeezed DP later that more like 5hrs!!! I had to get an epiostomy to help but I had requested not to know about that so I was none the wise and Ailidh was shortly followed. She was such a surprise as I thought she was going to be a boy!! The midwifes were fantastic and it was a student that delivered Ailidh - I would do it all over again just not being pregnant!! I also was under the impression that I had an epidural for some strange reason I thought the diamorphine was the epidural it wasnt until after when I asked about it that I was told I never got it I remeber asking and DP asking when i could get it apparently i didnt need it!! I think I might try Hypnobirthing next as I am that gullable!!!

Linnet Wed 20-Jul-05 21:48:06

Congratulations and Welcome to Ailidh, lovely name.

matthewsmummy Wed 20-Jul-05 23:53:56


Hulababy Thu 21-Jul-05 09:29:44

Congratulations and welcome to Ailidh

mears Thu 28-Jul-05 09:47:07

Congratulations and welcome to Ailidh. LOL about epidural

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