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oliviat93 Tue 19-Mar-19 17:01:42

What are people's experiences/thoughts of using a birthing pool? I wasn't that bothered about it to begin with but after speaking to a few people I might be coming round to the idea
I know it depends if the birthing pool is even available, I know a few people h e said they would of liked to but the suite wasn't available.

Thanks ☺️

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jp237 Mon 06-May-19 23:31:57

I'm due in September and have started thinking about this too, so am interested to hear what people have to say. It certainly sounds appealing!

Poppins2016 Mon 06-May-19 23:38:02

I used one and loved it. I've always loved the weightless feeling that swimming gives me (it was great for end of pregnancy exercise!) and had a hunch I'd enjoy the water. I was right. Great pain relief and it's as relaxing as it's possible to be in labour (as you don't have to think about supporting yourself as much as if you're out of the water). I also did hypnobirthing and the combination was great. I didn't have a pain free labour but I did have a very manageable and positive experience.

AlunWynsKnee Mon 06-May-19 23:45:21

I liked it. I like being in water generally so it made sense. I used a hospital pool and had a very enthusiastic midwife so it went very well.

firstimemamma Tue 07-May-19 09:32:02

I used one and loved it, would recommend it but then again everyone's different.

GookledyGobb Tue 07-May-19 09:34:23

I’ve used one for two births. First time around I got in after transition - I was reluctant to take the tens machine off to get in the water as it had been so great but once I got in the pool I found it to be amazing. Second time I used one I was only in for two contractions before she was born as she was in a rush. However I stayed in there for skin to skin and an hour to deliver the placenta and it was lovely - warm, relaxing and private

Nameusernameuser Tue 07-May-19 09:38:33

Absolutely loved it. Laboured in the bath in my labouring room then when the pool was free got in. It was amazing, if you can birth in water I would recommend it. I was only in for 25 mins before my son was born, think it was the fact I was on my knees and gravity did it's thing.


TillyTheTiger Tue 07-May-19 09:40:10

It was amazing for pain relief. Sadly my contractions slowed down in the pool so I was made to get out again, I could have cried.

CoffeeAndCakeEssentials Tue 07-May-19 09:41:40

Absolutely amazing. I've had all 3 DC in a birthing pool and would be terrified to give birth "on dry land." It's so relaxing, helps all your muscles stretch down below, reduces chance of needing stitches (I didn't for DC 2&3!) and is supposed to be much more calmer and pleasant for baby to be born into. highly recommend. Give it a go, if you don't like it, get out. Good luck smile

ohwouldntitbenice Tue 07-May-19 09:49:39

Fantastic pain relief. Used one with my first and definitely planning to use one again with me second.

ShutTheFridgeUp Tue 07-May-19 10:20:34

If you get the opportunity to have a pool then do it!! My first birth was a water birth and was amazing! The second had meconium in my waters so couldn't get into the pool, that one was less enjoyable...
Water really is amazing for pain reliefs

Ohyesiam Tue 07-May-19 10:24:04

When I first heardthat warm water could help with the labour pains I thought it was a joke . but with my second labour I instinctively knew that I really wanted to use one and I can honestly say it was about 10 times less painful than the first one. really if you like water go for it

happymummy12345 Tue 07-May-19 10:34:37

I was lucky, there was a built in pool in the room I was in in the birth centre. I loved it. It really helped. I held off getting in for as long as possible as I wanted to save options for if I needed them later on. But in hindsight I think getting in earlier would have been better, so will remember that for next time.
But I'd recommend it if possible

happymummy12345 Tue 07-May-19 10:36:16

I didn't give birth in the pool for another reason, but if possible I would definitely consider doing so next time.

Wnikat Tue 07-May-19 11:42:42

Used birthing pool for both my births. Amazing for allowing you to shift position easily. Think the first time round it might have slowed the process a bit but I was having double contractions and it calmed those down. Second time it was a life saver to take the edge off the pain.

oliviat93 Wed 08-May-19 21:13:38

Thanks for all the replies, definitely want to use it if it's available. Saw midwife yesterday and we put it on the birth plan, she said the hospital have quite a fe so hopefully one will be available when I'm in labour! I'm actually looking forward to giving birth - never thought that would be the case!

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