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Telling work about pregnancy

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LakeOfDreams Fri 13-Dec-13 22:09:56

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant both my DH and I are very excited but also very nervous as it's our first. We have decided not to tell anyone our news for quite a while possibly until it becomes too obvious to hide. My DH is an orphan but I think we'll tell my parents sometime after a 12 week scan.

I work in a very busy children's intensive care unit. Now I don't really want anyone at work to know especially not this early however my job comes with risks that I may not want to face if I'm pregnant; contact with chicken pox, measles strep ect and also avoiding cytotoxic drugs, radiation. I'm thinking maybe I should sit down with my manager and discuss it probably quite soon but I'm so nervous about people finding out which is inevitable as it will drastically change some of the patients I am able to care for. At the bear minimum this means all of the team who allocate and manage me.

I would ask opinions from colleagues about what they did but our unit is quite a gossipy place and everyone will be so excited as it is a much longed for baby. Just can't bear the thought of everyone knowing something so personal as silly as it sounds.

So lovely mumsnetters what would you do?

lj123 Fri 13-Dec-13 22:22:09

If I was you and clearly generally concerned for my babies health I would chat to your manager and get it dealt with ASAP, you'll only blame yourself if something was to occur, although rare it's not worth it.
Have a chat and let your manager know you'd like it as confidential as possible. smile

AnyFuckerWillDo Fri 13-Dec-13 22:26:54

Hi I'm a critical care nurse too and with both pregnancies I found it almost impossible to not tell my colleagues because of the dangers you have listed, I used to find it nice going into work and being able to talk babies whilst at home noone but me and DH knew. I think the safety of your baby needs to be your first priority over worrying whether work colleagues know.

NurseSapphire Sat 14-Dec-13 21:34:51

I'm also a nurse, six weeks along, and chose to tell my employers and colleagues for the reasons you listed. It made life much easier. x

gemzyb1 Wed 08-Jan-14 18:40:01

I understand your predicament. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and a front line police officer. Obvious risks to me and baby as there is in ur job. As soon as I tell my sergeant, I'm on light duties and the whole world knows.
Tough decision but health and well being must come first.
Good luck.

MyNameIsWinkly Wed 08-Jan-14 18:42:50

I'm a front line police officer, the first time I got pregnant I didn't tell work, did some very long, exceptionally hot days in heavy gear on my feet with no liquid, and had a mmc. It may not have been related to the working days, but I'll never know that for certain. When I got pregnant again I told work straight away. Yes everyone knew instantly but it was worth it to me for the peace of mind.

babytinks89 Sun 12-Jan-14 15:35:31

hiiii first of all congratulations xxx

I would tell your boss/manager and ask for that privacy.

I fell pregnant in the august last year but soon miscarried in the late november.
I'd tell your mananger in case you have any sickness or your just generally not feeling great.
as sickness in work for pregnancy doesnt get noted as a normal day to day sickness leave.

but this time round me and my partner are trying again and have been since the end of december.
but if we do find out I will have to tell my boss incase I am unwell and need to take time off.
my work are so strict with sickness so I have no choice really sad
hope this helps hunny and rest loads! xxx

mrschatty Sat 07-Jun-14 10:21:48

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Ultimately you and little bump come first you need to be a wee bit selfish at this time!!!
As soon as you let them know it will be much easier is there no way you can just tell your manager in confidence? Get them to ammend your workload for 2/3 weeks?
Im not pg, ttc. But im concerned about telling my boss at work as recent promotion and boss openly said that having a baby now is 'a bad moove at this stage of my career' eep! X

JennyBlueWren Fri 20-Jun-14 19:12:52

Hi, I'm 7 wks and told my boss today as I said I had an appointment next Thursday afternoon and she was worried and asked if I was okay. Telling her I was pregnant made her very happy and excited. I did warn her that no one else at work knows although I suspect my team might be guessing by my being tired and drinking peppermint tea and right off coffee! However I am a bit worried about her letting slip or over fussing in front of folk so as they'd guess. Ah well we break up for holidays in 2 weeks and after that I'll hopefully return with scan photos!

DragonFlyx Thu 10-Jul-14 09:43:39

At the moment, only my boss knows as I work in a bar/restaurant and panicked incase I'd lose my job. He was very supportive and happy for me, I got very worried and upset telling him but felt someone at work needs to know incase I need time off or ring in sick.

No one has twigged on either. Even though we all used to have a drink after our shift and now I'm drinking soft drinks. I think they'll all be surprised when they find out.

No one else other than family and my boss knows currently. I'm good at keeping secrets ;)

LadyNovember Wed 20-Aug-14 18:59:24

I work in a pharmacy so I totally understand what you mean. I had to tell one of my pharmacists last night as I really didn't want to touch methadone, especially with lots of nervous nail biting cuts on my fingers!

I haven't come across any other dangers get, i.e. Cytotoxics, so I'm just gonna play it by ear and cross those bridges when they come! Good luck and congrats. thanks

LadyNovember Wed 20-Aug-14 18:59:52

Oh just noticed this is old ha. My bad. grin

mummyrumpy1989 Mon 25-May-15 02:22:08

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