my uncle died late last night

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addictedtomn Sat 21-Nov-09 08:24:10

why is it that no matter how prepared you are it still comes a blow to the stomach?
he died of cancer, almost 3 months ago he was told to write his will, he was told he wouldnt make it very much longer and now that he has gone, even tho we knew it was going to happen, it still stings.

my grandad died of the same cancer when i was 2months old, so my uncle, (being old!) has always been my grandad.

even tho we were well prepared for this, i still cant believe hes gone.

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MrsMills Sat 21-Nov-09 08:38:23

I'm sorry to hear this, do you have good family support around you? I think that's important.

addictedtomn Sat 21-Nov-09 10:15:48

yes lots of family support, i guess we all just didnt expect to feel so... deflated i guess.

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