Sensible practical advice for bereavement please

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marmitebabe Sun 19-Apr-09 10:10:53

Sorry for the mis thread but just lost my friend to cancer, she was young with 2 young DC....cancer is such a biatch. I lost a parent when in school too so know what its like.

I am writing a note to her DP but instead of making it a sympathy one, I'm trying to give helpful advice on how to cope with it.

I know there are a lot of bereaved MNetters out there and wondered if you have extra tips I can include.....please.....

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DadInsteadofMum Sun 19-Apr-09 11:20:00

In no particular order

- At this stage take it one day at a time.
- If work are being supportive don't go back to soon
- Don't forget to look after yourself as well as the kids, especially eating even if you don't feel like it
- Take all offers of help, but if people just offer general help you are not expected to think of something, the good ones won't offer help they will just do something - don't see it as an intrusion, be grateful
- Most offers of help will dry up in 2 - 3 months, you are about to find out who your real friends are.

And I am sure OnlyJoking will be along shortly to to post her "How you can help me" which is very good, and others will cover all the stuff I have blocked from my memory.

marmitebabe Sun 19-Apr-09 12:50:43

Thank you - that obviously came from the heart sad

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marmon Sun 19-Apr-09 14:00:24

I posted something on the chat page.

DadInsteadofMum Sun 19-Apr-09 17:08:23

I of course forget the most important thing - he is not alone, when he is ready come and find us or let him now how to contact me through here, there are plenty on the same journey as him just at different stages.

marmitebabe Mon 20-Apr-09 10:25:30

Thank you DIOM.

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