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No Ovulation- Is This Normal?

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stingray Thu 07-Apr-05 14:10:02

I found out at 10 1/2 weeks pregnant that baby had died at 9 1/2 weeks. I had D+C a week later on Feb 1st 05. I bled slightly for 2 weeks after. Since then even though I have tested for ovulation on 2 cycles I have not ovulated. Is this normal? I am 42 years old and worried my fertility is declining because of my age, and not my cycle messed up because of the miscarriage. Before the miscarriage my ovulation was fine. Any thoughts?

george32 Fri 08-Apr-05 10:34:23

Hi Stingray, so sorry to hear about your m/c.
I had a missed m/c at a similar time (op on 31st Jan) and my cycle is still a bit all over the place. Following a positive OPK yesterday I think I am about to O for the first time since m/c. I'm 32 so I think it is more likely to be the m/c making things a little weird for us both rather than age.
Are you using temping / OPKs etc to check on ovulation?
Have you seen our cautious TTCers thread ( as we are all post m/c TTCers and you may find some more help there.

stingray Sat 09-Apr-05 13:01:04

Hi George32, Thanks for your reply. I cant say how much better it makes me feel when I read what others in the same boat are going through. After getting very upset this week when I expected to ovulate, I ovulated today. My poor husband will finally get his reward tonight for my tears and tantrums.
I am using OPKs to check when I will ovulate. Because of the MC and my age, patience is not my strongpoint at the moment, and I have not been an easy person to live with.I keep thinking 'I should not have to do this, I should be more than halfway through a pregnancy' and getting terribly upset. My husband reccommends patience and time, then I get angry with him for not understanding how desperate I feel.
Best of luck for both of us


george32 Sun 10-Apr-05 12:50:25

Don't worry, I'm also going through the tears and frustrations. It's just not fair is it.

So glad you have ovulated too. Must be something to do with giving up hope suddenly reminds your body that it was supposed to do something!

Fingers crossed for you for a Christmas baby.

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