I lost my best friend in March

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tullytwo Thu 01-May-08 17:14:55

and I am not coping very well. In fact my grief is gaining momentum the more time passes.

She had been ill for @ 18 months and we knew she was going to go but it happened very suddenly at the end. I got to see her the morning she died but she was unconcious.

I just miss her so so much - my heart feels like its breaking.

I am being so grumpy at home and everything just feels so much more overwhelming than usual.

I am close to her dh and kids and see and speak to them lots. I keep calling her mobile to listen to her voice message.

I dont have many friends and she was my first 'proper' best friend - we had lots of connections - some things that had happened to us before we ever met etc. She just got me basically.

Does this get easier and how do you cope with all the things you wish you had said or done.

I have tried not to post @ this as I had hoped I would be able to cope but I have had to admit defeat.

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lottiejenkins Thu 01-May-08 17:28:37

You are not alone on this section of mumsnet.... you will find lots of support. i lost my ds when he was 2 hours old and my husband seven years ago, everyone on here has been very kind to me. Hugs from me to you xxxxxxxxxxx

tullytwo Thu 01-May-08 17:38:00

Thankyou for replying lottiejenkins.

Compared to what you have been through my loss is insignificant.

I dont know how the hell you get through what you must have.

I feel better simply for writing it all down.

Thankyou for your kindness. xx

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DarrellRivers Thu 01-May-08 17:41:05

The first year is so hard, sometimes it feels like it never changes, other people move on, but you still feel the same.
It does get easier though, you don't feel so down all the time, i find i miss not being able to speak to my brother, send him an email or a phonecall (he died 1 year ago June)

hazygirl Thu 01-May-08 18:32:17

it is 17 months today since my grandson died,at five minutes to midnight a whole 17 months has gone by ,since i sat at my dd house and got the call to say they could not revive him.no day is ever easier ,nothing is ever the same.people think its ok now i have another grandchild,grief is a horrible thing,changes you as a person,tullytwo i send you a big hug i know how you are feelingx

queenrollo Thu 01-May-08 19:09:21

i lost my best friend several years ago now.......it does get easier but you have to let yourself go through the emotions. Circumstances are different for me, my BF was a man, no family or children and it must be hard (but also a comfort in a way i suppose) to still have them there for you to connect with.

I think you may benefit from some bereavement counselling if you feel this is overwhelming you. It really has been a very short time though......i'm not surprised you feel the way you do.
If it helps then offload on here about how you feel. I know i had so many thoughts in my head, and felt no-one understood how painful it was for me, i really felt a physical reaction to losing him. Writing things down helped me immensely, kind of released my thoughts so my head wasn't so crowded.
I feel for you honey, i wish i could give you a hug.....

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