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Just realised that this week, my baby was due :(

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sparklygothkat Sun 02-Sep-07 16:39:38

I lost a baby at the begining of the year. S/he was due this week. I am currently 30 weeks pregnant with a little boy, and am frilled to bit to have him in my tummy, but am also sad

NAB3 Sun 02-Sep-07 16:42:04

I am sorry for your loss but happy to hear you have a lovely little boy on the way
I was really sad on my baby's due date and could not work out why until I realised the date. This year was easier. I still think of the 2 I lost but the pain isn't as raw.

NAB3 Sun 02-Sep-07 16:42:23

Duh ! happy you have a boy coming. Sorry

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Sun 02-Sep-07 16:53:12

oh sparkly, sad for your loss, glad you have a little boy in your tummy to keep you going! yo uwill always be a bit sad but your little boy will bring a light into your life!

hazygirl Sun 02-Sep-07 18:52:24

sparkly so sorry for your loss ,sending you hugs for your son ,x

constancereader Sun 02-Sep-07 19:08:01

So sorry to hear of your loss, those milestones are always difficult when they suddenly appear. It's the mixed feelings, I think, that make things even more complicated.

Best wishes to your boy bump! xxx

Saturn74 Sun 02-Sep-07 19:09:01

Thinking of you, sparkly.

sparklygothkat Sun 02-Sep-07 20:18:11

Its strange thinking that if I hadn't lost that baby I would have had a baby by now, and not be pregnant still. I didn;t even realise till I was standing in the kitchen thinking about Lisad123's baby, who is due in a month, and suddenly remembered that I was due 1 month before her.

berolina Sun 02-Sep-07 20:20:17

sparkly. Due dates are difficult. Two of my lost pregnancies would have been due around my birthday (as I was just mentioning in a different context on another thread) and so my birthday always has a strange and bitter 'edge' to it.

pinkrangerstartstowaddle Tue 04-Sep-07 23:16:16

Feel for you sparky sad I had a mmc on 16th Aug last year, Gave birth to ds 27th Aug 07 ( 8 days agosmile)

It is hard, 2 days after he was born i couldn't help but feel a little sad but happy, very mixed emotions.

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