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explaining a sudden death to nursery -age children

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bundle Tue 28-Aug-07 15:36:49

has anyone experience of this?

a child who went to my daughter's nursery (and a parent) have been killed in an accident and I'm trying to find out the best way for us to help the children (and staff) get through this difficult period.

most of the support I've found on our local authority's webpage is targeted at individuals, and i just wondered if anyone had managed to get group-help.


meandmy Tue 28-Aug-07 15:40:32

perhaps the staff should let the parents know as im sure there will be cultural differences which mean that it would be easier for each parent to explain,
several books have been mentioned before not sure where!
and perhaps collectively do something like a plant or a tree,

WanderingTrolley Tue 28-Aug-07 15:41:54

Might help with the children

Sorry to hear about this. How very sad.

bundle Tue 28-Aug-07 15:43:28

thanks meandmy. I think the staff would like to tell the children in small, age-appropriate groups and obviously give info to parents to deal with any questions at home.

I am going to hold off telling my girls because I know they'd tell the rest and want to give the staff room to do it their way. I've got books at home that I can take in for them, but it's the initial telling which I think they need to get right. the tree stuff etc of course we'll do later.

bundle Tue 28-Aug-07 15:50:34

this is what happened

Haylstones Tue 28-Aug-07 15:50:57

That's really sad, i'm so sorry to hear that. TBH I think I'd rather tell my dd at home and let her talk about it with you at nursery afterwards, is just my opinion though! Sorry I can't help with any practical advice

NAB3 Tue 28-Aug-07 15:51:36

I heard about that. That poor woman

bundle Tue 28-Aug-07 15:52:50

thanks haylstones, the manager is going to hold off telling anyone until the "best" way is agreed. i just want to help the staff and children. it's a big shock for all of us.

FioFio Tue 28-Aug-07 15:53:20

Message withdrawn

bundle Tue 28-Aug-07 15:53:32

nab, it seems miraculous that she survived. i'm going to send her a card today, the hospital said not to send flowers

NAB3 Tue 28-Aug-07 15:54:07

Is she the mother/wife?

SugaryBits Tue 28-Aug-07 15:54:27

Have you tried an organisation such as Winstons Wish? The have a section for schools and organisations

bundle Tue 28-Aug-07 15:56:00

I'd heard about it but hadn't realised who it was until I got the call today from the nursery manager.

They will be much missed by everyone, I was at the little girl's birthday party in the summer sad

bundle Tue 28-Aug-07 15:56:36

yes nab, I cannot imagine how she's feeling

NAB3 Tue 28-Aug-07 15:58:24

Oh no. She has lost her child and partner in one go. That is too sad for words. Does she have any more children/family?

WaynettaSlob Tue 28-Aug-07 16:00:13

how awful sad

bundle Tue 28-Aug-07 16:30:13

nab as far as I know she has no other children (she's not originally from the UK) - he has others from a previous relationship

NAB3 Tue 28-Aug-07 18:03:31

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