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FIL and BIL funeral

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fuzzyduck1 Mon 04-Dec-17 12:50:08

Hello I don’T know what to do think.
My father in law died 3weeks ago and my brother in law died last week both from cancer.

The problem is these are my ex’s family (separated for 5years) and there has been a bust up n there family and my ex has been told that she is not welcome to the joint funeral.
I want to go but not sure if I should. I think it’s crap that my ex can’t go even if they didn’t see eye to eye she should be allowed to go and Greve but BIL he’s told his friends if she turne up to hurt her.

If I go this may stir up more crap for her.

AJPTaylor Mon 04-Dec-17 14:28:31

Stay out of it. It would be kind if you could support your ex day of the funeral to find another way to remember them.

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