DS would be 2 this Saturday

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JellyNump Tue 20-Mar-07 11:44:21

It's Jesse's birthday again on Saturday, he would have been 2! Not really sure what to do for his birthday. Normally we buy a balloon and let it go either at his grave side or in the garden but DH and I are splitting up after he has behaved like a big spoilt child for the past 6+ months and has admitted 2 affairs.
I would still like to do something with DH for Jesse's birthday but I'm not really sure what.

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HuwEdwards Tue 20-Mar-07 11:46:10

So sorry for your situation JN.
What about planting a spring-flowering shrub?

loopyredangel Tue 20-Mar-07 11:58:03

Oh Jelly, tell him to grow up, he's not the only one who is hurting!!!
A spring flowering shrub sounds beautiful, that way if you ever move house you can take it with you.

JellyNump Tue 20-Mar-07 12:17:46

Thats a good idea, I've always wanted a pot with black tulips in it, maybe I could do that! Thanks

He's just an idiot loopyredangel

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rahrah1 Tue 20-Mar-07 12:36:48

You can also get rose bushes named after Jesse and plant one... we got one sent to us when our little one died... it is really nice..

PS... give you hubbie a got kick from me! So sorry you have not had the support you deserve.

Will be thinking of Jesse on Saturday.. X

MadameWeb Tue 20-Mar-07 12:47:15

is that him on your profile? he is beautiful, so perfect

i agree with planting something in your garden, and letting a balloon go (maybe attach a message to him to it?)

will be thinking of Jesse on Saturday


amyjade Tue 20-Mar-07 17:28:03

Thinking of you Saturday Jellynump. xx

noddyholder Tue 20-Mar-07 17:29:52

My ds is called jesse and your posts are so sad and poignant.I think you should do something together Do you think his behaviour is linked to the loss?Grief can cause people to do strange things

JellyNump Wed 21-Mar-07 20:51:02

madameweb yes thats him on my profile, he was/is gorgeous!! and i'm sure he would have been a little monkey

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JellyNump Wed 21-Mar-07 20:53:13

noddyholder dh is just weird at the moment, people have said he was like it before but he has said it is partly linked to Jess, however people have actually questioned him as to why he was like this before Jess was even thought of! People (mainly his family and friends) have said he was a total selfish git before we started going out and then he seemed to change and no one really knows why he has suddenly gone all weird again, i'm wondering if he has a mental health issue, just because of his behaviour and irrational/illogical thoughts etc???

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ash6605 Wed 21-Mar-07 21:03:13

sorry i can't advise but wanted to say i'm so sorry for your loss,and to make it worse your husband acting like a twat.that is all you need you poor thing. are things amicable between you and Dh? despite whats happened you still bore a son together and maybe it would be better to acknowledge the day together.

JellyNump Wed 21-Mar-07 21:04:15

Its amicable up to the point, my rant about him is on the relationships page under 'DH has admitted 2 affairs' im confused about that at moment

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