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Does it come in threes?

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Littleelffriend Thu 26-Nov-15 13:35:52

So, the saying goes that deaths come in threes. So far this year, my mum has died and someone else who I was very close to has died also. I am pregnant with my first child, and keep hearing the saying that it "comes in threes". I am terrified that the third is going to be either my unborn baby or my partner. I am 14 weeks gone, but have hardly told anyone because I'm so convinced that I won't last full term (I have had a perfect pregnancy so far, normal scans, no sickness, no horrible side effects). Does anyone believe in these sayings, or are they just that?

HirplesWithHaggis Fri 27-Nov-15 02:38:14

Of course they don't come in threes. That's just superstitious nonsense.

It may be true in some circumstances, eg your granny/grandad and great aunts/uncles die in a small timescale, but that would be because they're of similar ages. But you're looking at coincidence here.

Your fears are understandable and I'm not unsympathetic, you have had terrible losses and hormones won't be helping atm. But please try to put them to one side, and enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can.


ConfusedInBath Fri 27-Nov-15 12:35:39

Oh lovely please don't worry and let this ruin your happy time.

It definitely doesn't come in threes. Death doesn't work like that, does it?

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