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looking to the future

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Thelikelylass Fri 13-Nov-15 18:54:36

Our much loved and popular family member passed away a few months ago (not in UK). They had been ill over several years and our family and friends were deliberately mislead by the partner (obssessional about any relationships with anyone within our circle) and we also had information deliberately withheld from us. Many people (and this is a lot of people we are talking about) were denied access to the funeral. An alternative service was arranged and that gave everyone a huge sense of peace and closure.
Our concern is for the children left behind. Denied family contact (gifts and cards not given) and with no other family to speak of, we are thinking of ways to ensure their parent's memory lives on. We know with certainty they will seek us out in the very near future and we want to have something to show we love and care about them when they do. Any ideas?

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