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grandkids lost grandpa

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ilovesprouts Tue 03-Nov-15 11:50:55

my daughter has two children with her partner,yesterday he was trying to ring his dad and no answer at all drove past no curtains open or patio door open like he normaly does. so he thought hed call after work etc in case hed gone out,went up after work with my daughter banged on the doorno answer so my daughters fella kicked the door in and he found him dead behind the door,my daughter rang 999 but she told the operater that cpr was no good as he was stiff and blue,my gandson whos 5 adored him so did his sister shes only 3 are gonna be heartbroken they have not a clue waht the are going to tell them sad.

holeinmyheart Wed 04-Nov-15 00:13:18

Madelaine McCann's DM employed a very highly paid child psychologist to tell her what to tell her two remaining children. He advised her to tell them the straightforward truth.
So that's what I think you should tell your GC.
Grandad has died and we loved him and we are sorry. But he had such a happy life and he loved you two so much.etc
Then let them cry or ask questions or whatever.

Redglitter Wed 04-Nov-15 00:18:48

My nieces were 2.5 and 6 when my dad died. They were told Grandpa had been poorly and the doctors could fix him. They were told he'd gone to heaven and still loved them. Eldest niece was distraught the wee one didn't fully understand. They'll accept it in their own way. We had questions from them both literally for years afterwards. The wee one asked about 2 years later how did Grandpa get to heaven, did a bus come for him. You can't predict how their wee minds will work but he prepared for questions

ilovesprouts Wed 04-Nov-15 14:47:16

yeah we told them he has gone to the moon to look after there cat that died. my 5 year old grandson cried his little heart out but hes 3 year old sister said he lives in his house still, [she does not understand] we have got some baloons to set off tonight so he can catch them but non of the grandkids are going to the funeral they are all too young.

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