Consecutive miscarrige - Looking for support

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Frecklefire Wed 18-Feb-15 21:22:33

Have been searching for threads on m/c but they all seem quite old 2003/4). So here goes 4 days ago, valentines morning, i woke up to brown discharge in my 11th week and instantly knew i was miscarrying, again. Scan showed it had stopped peogressing at 7 weeks. This is my third mc in 8 months. I do have a wonderful 19 month old, so i do know my body can do this, and i seem to fall pregnant very easily indeed. But now my body keeps stalling! I lost my first in june (6 weeks) my second in October (7 weeks). What's gine wrong with me??!! I have also just turned 40 -so i feel a desperate need to provide my son with a brother or sister...and time is running out (or so it feels). Does anyone out there have any reasuring success stories of fruitfull pregnancies after a string of mc when they already had a child? Possibly over 40?! Anybody helped their chances by loosing weight? Just really need hope, like a raft to cling on to! Feel i've had an odd response from some of my closest friends, sort of "why keep trying when you clearly can't" kind of attitude. There is not a moment of doubt in my brain that i wouldn't try 100 times over, despite everything. They are going to test mine and my husbands blood for a ton of stuff - but not sure why as have a perfect son already. What could be wrong with me????!!!!!

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twilightstruggle Thu 19-Feb-15 05:34:43

Hi Freckle. I'm very sorry to hear of your losses. I've also suffered from recurrent miscarriages so know how awful it feels. There's a thread on the miscarriage/pregnancy loss boards (under body and soul) which is called 'recurrent miscarriage - tests treatment and trying again part 17' which has lots of lovely people who have had multiple losses. Plenty in similar positions to you in terms of age and trying for number 2, and lots of good success stories in those circumstances too. Please do come on over.

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