how soon after m/c can you ttc?

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retailtherapist Tue 23-May-06 21:12:47

After 2 m/c this year I am desperate to try again. The obsietrician who carried out the ERPC advises that I have 2 periods before ttc. But my GP said that's an old wives tale and that you can start immediately you've stopped bleeding althogh it's best to wait for 1 period simply so you can date the pregnancy.
I waited only 1 period after m/c in Jan and became pregnant immediately... then m/c again.
I have also heard that others have been advised that immediately after m/c you are at most fertile.
I'd like to know what anyone else has been told as I am totally confused!

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Angsthase Tue 23-May-06 21:34:18

I've also been told by a friend who's an (Obs and Gyny) doctor that the waiting thing is only for dating. Also heard you are likly to ovulate shortly after m/c.

I had ERPC two weeks ago and basically we've waited until I'd stopped bleeding to have sex, but we're not using any contraception so I'm leaving it to the Gods.

Maybe you need to decide how you feel emotionally about getting pg again. I think if you feel fine physically and emotionally and think you're ready for it, I'd say go for it...

RedZuleika Tue 23-May-06 21:49:24

I think the waiting-to-conceive thing is purely for dating and / or emotional reasons. Lesley Regan's book 'Miscarriage' says there's no reason to wait and a (doctor) friend of mine checked one of her obs and gynae textbooks, which said that you're more fertile after a m/c.

Doesn't stop jumped up SHOs making you feel guilty if you m/c again immediately afterwards though - as if it's your own fault for not waiting...

Angsthase Tue 23-May-06 21:52:33

sorry being a bit thick - whats an SHO?

sottovoce Wed 24-May-06 19:46:48

Seior House Officer - one of the most junior forms of Dr life. Best avoided if at all possible.

I know of several friends who have got pg immediately after M/c (either natural or ERPC). I think the reason for waiting is so that the pg can be dated, but scans can do that quite accurately anyway.

sunnydelight Wed 24-May-06 21:21:15

After both my m/c I tried again straightaway. I had one period before I conceived DS1. My second m/c was more traumatic as it was a "missed", discovered at my 12 week scan when I was cheerfully saying to DS1 (4 at the time) "come and look at your baby sister/brother on the screen" This time I had two periods before conceiving again. Personally I think hanging around waiting to try again would just make you more obsessive about the whole thing. I have also tried to come to terms with my miscarraiges by knowing that - due to the timescales - if the babies I lost had survived I wouldn't have either of the boys I have, if that makes any sense! Good luck

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