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To ALL who helped me with my Mumma's illness; death & funeral - a gift from her grandson x

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StoicButStressed Tue 05-Mar-13 23:10:49

Way too tired after today to write much, but wanted share this with all you lovely; kind; clever; generous MN'ers who have helped me (or those yet to meet) - please click on below and hear what my beautiful eldest DS sang & performed today at Mumma's funeral. Just stunning, and yes, all wept.

Service - bar some vileness from vicar pre-service on phone (that made me us LATE for funeral) - was beautiful; Mumma would have loved it.

And here is Mumma's page if you'd like to read her story...

NOT posting so you donate (though at risk of stating blindingly obvious, that would be pretty fab, even if the smallest of amounts, as already been moved to tears by lovely people donating £2 or £4 as they 'get' that THAT really DOES count), but so you can 'know' her a bit'; see why she would have just LOVED the above; and also hopefully help YOU if you have a loved one with a terminal illness. Once all settled a bit, I am planning on starting thread in bereavement about what I WISH had known then and do now - NOW, given my lovely Mum has gone - being all I have left but I DO know some of my learnings WILL help others yet to tread this horrific path.

Hugs to all, and huge thanks if you helped me via posting in ANY way. xxx

PS Sorry if v 'wordy' - am beyond tired but just wanted to get Archie's song to you ASAP given all kindnesses here that helped make today special xxx

BIWI Tue 05-Mar-13 23:18:20

Off to bed now, but I'll listen to this tomorrow. I'm glad that today was special for you

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Wed 06-Mar-13 14:07:09

I'm a-sailin' away....

Hope you felt buoyed up and supported by your family Stoic try and get some quiet down time now, take care x

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