Remembering Andrew Black died 16th December 2007 aged 24 from the Human Form of BSE

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Beaaware Fri 16-Dec-11 17:39:21

I would just like to take this opportunity to remember one of the many victims who was unlawfully killed by the Human Form of Mad Cow Disease. Andrew was just 24 when he passed away on 16th December 2007, he came into this world a healthy much wanted child, his mother now mourns the loss of her only son and she lives with the knowledge that those responsible for the death of her son have never been held accountable.
R.I.P Andrew, the fight for justice will carry on.

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denergy Sat 17-Dec-11 00:04:42

I am so very sad for Andrews parents, to loose a child at any age is terrible.
To have lost one to such a man made madness is even worse.
You are perfectly right about it having been a man made genetic problem.
It is a sad situation that so many still prefer to remain blind regards what sience??is doing to the human race. Practicaly passive warfare.
If you may need some fighting info on such subjects as ..animal fodder, it's reactions and effects on the human race. To include genecticly enginered foods. Take a look at the TV channel 200 Edge Media. or go to edgemedia on the internet. You will discover that sientists tell the truth and take the chance of either being imprisoned or even killed for telling the truth on / about projects they have worked on..In your case the effects of feeding freeze dried then crushed, meat to non meat eating animals, such as cows, sheep, goats and such-likes. This practise should have stopped long before it even started to be fed to animals. Alass like MRSA,CDiff & many other forms of man made madness.
No one seems to care, and those that do care are shut up??
Take a look at the charity called..The Debonair Trust. or It will not be able to help you and will not be able to stop others from passing due to what your son passed away from. But they too are trying to give people a chance of a life beyond genetic perversions created by mans called advancements. They lost thier only child to MRSA.. Even though they are young people, they can-not..even after IVF attempts..have more.
Bovine spongelitas will effect many for many too will the geneticly modified foods we are all fed, and the medicated water we all drink.
I am sad to say that there is little that can be done to stop the effects that have caused meat/animals in the food chain to have become toxic to us.
I never realised what a problem carbon manoxide was until my sisters daughter and her boyfriend moved into thier new flat and were both killed on the first night by a badly fitted water heater. Doing the washing up --Killed them! It took years of others loosing children/loved ones before the Guv made gas fitters have a registered (I know what I am doing) trade certification.
You have a massive struggle both with the loss of a son and the justice everyones has know the truth, and be accountable for having created the problems of such killers .. that can be found in almost all foods..even so called fresh veg and fruits, are no longer safe from human tampering.
I will be happy to put my name to any papers of complaint regards the cause of your childs death. keep fighting for both his and your sakes.. You need a reason to keep going , what better than finding the truth.. uncovering cover-ups, and highlighting the problems. The symptoms at the start of the illness and how long it was / how ill he was ..Before the truth of his sickness really came to light. My thoughts are with you and all parents that have lost a child

Beaaware Sat 17-Dec-11 10:55:26

Hi denergy,
thankyou for your kind words, I know Andrews mother will appreciate your comments, there is currently a petition to ask the government to stop the spread of vCJD here is the link:

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Beaaware Sat 17-Dec-11 11:05:47

I have just looked at the petition site and many people who have lost loved ones have posted on there, the most recent is from a family who lost their 21 year old son to vCJD in 2010. Shocking, just 21! this poor lad, born in 1989 how was he exposed to this lethal disease, how many more unsuspecting young people have been exposed, it is outrageous that our government continues to ignore this serious health issue.

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