Anyone had more than 4 m/c and getting treatment?

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walkinginawinterBundleland Thu 08-Dec-05 14:08:24

a friend who has one of the clotting disorders (primary antiphospholipid syndrome) had 3 m/cs in a year, then got referred to Lesley Regan and eventually diagnosed (the tests need to be repeated as levels can fluctuate). She was told not to take aspirin as this can actually stop you getting pregnant. Once she was pg, she had to self-inject with heparin every day, a pain, but it kept her pregnant and she now has a healthy daughter and son.

whiffy Thu 08-Dec-05 14:05:10

I know it is virtually impossible to remain upbeat but please don't be disheartened. I had seven miscarriages before DS came along, all between 7 and 12 weeks. After number 7, my fab OB recommended that I take a 'baby' aspirin every single day. And that was all it took (oh, and the sex bit as well if I recall). My OB told me that the tests for blood-clotting problems are not very sophisticated, and anyone suffering multiple m/cs should try the aspirin route even if they test negative (as I did). Good luck. xxx

cori Thu 17-Nov-05 22:21:16

HI peepee. Just wondered how you are doing? Have you found out anymore about this condition. What is it called?

peepee Mon 14-Nov-05 17:05:46

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bunny2 Thu 10-Nov-05 12:53:06

I wish you lots of luck.

peepee Thu 10-Nov-05 12:38:08

Yes I've got it. I just wanted someone real to talk to. Someone who has or is experiencing the same.

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bunny2 Thu 10-Nov-05 12:13:25

have you got a copy of Leslie Regans book on Miscarriage? I found it really helpful (I had 2 mcs before dd was born)


peepee Thu 10-Nov-05 11:34:24

Is that it, no more........This is worrying!

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peepee Wed 09-Nov-05 13:19:50


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Berries Wed 09-Nov-05 10:20:11

One of my friends was in a similar position with recurrent m/c, but she took longer to concieve each time (6-12 months). She m/c around 6-7 weeks each time. She eventually took pregnancy jabs twice a week, had to start as soon as she knew she was pg. IIRC she didn't have to have them throughout the pg, although they said she might, stopped about week 20. Her ds1 is now 10. She tried to a 2nd and had problems again, but dd is now 7, so it was a long and rocky road but worth it. I know she also got very discouraged, particularly with dd, as they had decided this would be the last try. It does put you on an emotional rollercoaster, but hopefully knowing someone else who went through it successfully may help.
BTW I'm sure she also had to take 1/2 aspririn daily, but not sure why.
Take care

peepee Wed 09-Nov-05 10:02:49

I just want to talk to someone who is in the same position as me. This is copied from another thread..............

I was at the hospital today for an appointment in the recurrent m/c clinic. I saw a different Prof. He was really nice. He checked over my file and pointed out that in the last year I have had 5 m/c which indicates to him that I am very fertile. This is not good! Apparently most women have an open window of about 36hrs when they ovulate. This generally releases good eggs as they have been waiting for their release. As I have been getting pregnant so frequently and easily it suggests to him that my ovualting window is open longer. This could mean that my eggs are being released for a longer period and therefore not as strong as the norm. If this is the case it could mean that I will never have a baby of my own.
He advised me to start taking extra vitiamin c and e which I have. I will also have to start taking 2 progesterone tabs a day from day 18 to day 28 of my cycle. If I test positive after that I will have to have 2 pregnancy hormone jabs a week for the duration of the pregnancy. This all seems really high risk to me and is stressing me out.
DH is away and I have no-one I can talk to at home. I don't want to say anything to my family as they will just worry.

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